WB Insider: Roswell Information

Thanks to Sheila for this.


We’re assuming you’ve already gotten your favorite chair warmed up, purchased your favorite beverages, and tuned your TV to The WB. That’s good, because you probably won’t want to leave that spot much for the next week — make that the next six or seven weeks.

That’s followed by the moment Roswellians have been waiting for — the “Heart of Mine” episode and a deepening of many characters’ relationships. Go back in time with those relationships at http://www.thewb.com/roswell/primer/s1/index.shtml.

Speaking of which… if you’re intrigued by the Kyle/Tess relationship you’ll want to look at this EXCLUSIVE Quicktime — get it now at http://www.thewb.com/roswell/kyletess/kyletess.html, and tell your friends.

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