Roswell, NM – Twitter Q&A – September 25th, 2018

Carina Adly MacKenzie had some time for a Q&A on Twitter yesterday. She wrote: “On a plane and not loving the book I brought. Any of you want to keep me company with a Q&A?“

Browse through her timeline on Twitter, retweet, reply or check out the transcript below.

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Carina: On a plane and not loving the book I brought. Any of you want to keep me company with a Q&A?

Matt: Where r u going?
Carina: Big trip. Los Angeles to Santa Fe to Palm Springs to Santa Fe to NYC to New Orleans to Santa Fe and then back to LA. My suitcase is a nightmare.

Hannah: Favorite song (so far of course) that you’re getting to use in Roswell besides that one you were really excited for that I can’t remember right now?
Carina: “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain got me right in the feelings.
RoswellRewind: Is that one in the #CWRoswellNM Pilot?
Carina: Yup yup

Maddie: Favorite moment on set of your new show so far?
Carina: Every time we make @Nathan_Parsons run, he falls down. I like that. 😈

Eden: Have you ever seen @Nathan_Parsons tap dance? (Videos are worth bonus points)
Carina: I’d like to not be murdered

Steph: How much will I like Kyle in your show? I love Trevino, but will I love Kyle?
Carina: I love Kyle. He’s a grown up going through some real shit & trying to do the right thing despite impossible choices. Also his abs. 😅

Logan LaRese: What show has your favorite pilot? Favorite series finale?
Carina: Pilot is The OC, series finale is Fringe I think.

Jaqui: How many writers on your show? Do they work in pairs? How do you determine who writes what episode?
Carina: I don’t know, I can’t count. Sometimes we work in pairs, sometimes teams… personally I prefer to write solo but probably won’t this year because I want to give more people a chance.

Jaqui: How many writers on your show? Do they work in pairs? How do you determine who writes what episode?
Carina: Just scheduling mostly. Doesn’t really have to do with the content of the episode bc in the end, it’s all my voice pretty much.

Julia: May be a stupid question, but…as a female show runner, how do the men around you treat you?
Carina: Mostly well. I have had a few moments where I’ve had to gently remind people that I’m in charge. Tbh I think when I get undermined it has more to do with my age than with my gender, on this particular show.

Lauren: What’s your favorite episode so far?
Carina: The pilot!

Sinead O’B: Oooh… favorite Pam and Jim episodes/moments from The Office? Also… would love any (even tiny!) hints you can give us on Roswell :D so excited for it !
Carina: I mean, Casino Night is perfection.

Rae Ann: How many eps have been ordered for Roswell? And besides the people, what’s the one thing u love about New Mexico?
Carina: 13 for season one! I love the thunderstorms.

ʍagy: Have you always wanted to be writer? Which advice would you give to someone trying to have a similar career as yours? :)
Carina: Be relentless. Have an open heart. Try everything. And yeah, pretty much always wanted to be a writer in one way or another.

Shadia: Hi Carina! Favorite podcast at the moment? Need some recommendations!
Carina: Directionally Challenged, Forever 35, & My Favorite Murder! Tbh not much of a podcast person.

Steph: Of all the episodes you have written, which one made you feel the most satisfied and accomplished?
Carina: The Roswell NM pilot, for sure. It was the first thing I wrote (that actually got produced) in my own voice.

Chhaya Néné: What about your work and life excites you most?
Carina: The people.

Emily: As a tv watcher, I tend to get annoyed by plot holes/retconning. But as someone who appreciates tv and the process that goes into it, I can’t imagine trying to keep track of every single detail in a show. How do you, as a writer and now showrunner, reconcile those two things?
Carina: They drive me fucking crazy too.

Penny: What’s the hardest thing you have done so far as a show runner that came as a surprise?
Carina: Balancing work and being a human has been hard. I experienced some heartbreaking shit recently and very much would have liked to spend a little time hibernating, but had to go to work and smile through it.

Karita: What new shows are you looking forward to this season? And what are you doing for your self-care?
Carina: Looking forward to Manifest and A Million Little Things. Not a whole lot of self care happening right now but my friends are filling in the gaps.

Ariel: Best/most watched episode of Dawson’s Creek?
Carina: A Weekend In The Country

Jeffery: When is @CWRoswellNM going to be on TV? Do you know which network it will be on in Ireland/UK. Sky 1 perhaps?
Carina: No clue!

Ms Ally Joy: Will you be at NYCC this year?
Carina: Yup.

RoswellRewind: Which episode title would your #RoswellNM pilot have? (If not The Pilot)
Carina: Crash Into Me. 😂

K. Mikaelson-McGrath: Are you still working with @Lifeofrileyv in Roswell? ☺
Carina: Yup. What a dream!

Legacies News: What is your main source of inspiration for writing? also, what did you study to become so well or is it just natural?
Carina: I get inspired by my own relationships — all kinds of relationships. There’s a little of me in everything. And yes, studied a lot.

Michael Trevino Source: What is the relationship like between Kyle and Liz?
Carina: Trusting.

Don omar: how much fun is it working with trevino?
Carina: The best part of the gig tbh.

Pamela: Why do some TV writers use ‘I’ instead of ‘me’ in dialogue when the character speaking is the direct object of the sentence, not the subject? I hear it often in many shows, and it drives me nuts. Since you’re a script writer, I thought you might know. Thanks. :)
Carina: Because people don’t always speak with proper grammar.