TV Guide Articles (U.S. and Canadian Versions)

Please do not get the rumors going again. I’m posting this on good faith that the message boards don’t get out of control over this piece of news from TV Guide–remember, they use the past tense.Thanks to Dindin84 for this.

p 8
Chemistry Set
What’s better than starring in a hit tv show? how about hooking up on one?

Some have broken up. Some have gotten married, and some were just flirting.
But all thanks to WB. Who knew the network would be hookup central for
hollywood’s young and restless?

Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino (with a small pic)

On-screen: Their Roswell characters, Michael and Maria, broke up this season
due to truly irreconcilable differences: He’s an alien, and she’s a human.
Off-screen: But it seems these two had a real close encounter:They reportedly
started dating last spring. But Fehr, a mennonite, has vowed to stay a virgin
until he marries, which could be a problem considering Delfino has recently
admitted that she never wants to get hitched.
The experts say: “Who can resist this guy?” says Roth. “He’s not just looking
for a one-night stand!”

Thanks to pcoleman for this :)

In the TV Guide magazine–Canadian edition, anyway–for the week of Dec.
9-15, Majandra Delfino is the Celebrity Chef. I don’t know if the US
edition has the same articles, but I thought I’d let you know. She doesn’t
like to cook, so the recipes are for 2 of her favourite dishes to eat–squab
in crystal lettuce, and chocolate mousse. She also says that her favourite
snack is Nutella-covered strawberries!