Brendan FehrLeadingMajandra Delfino

Teen Movieline’s “Roswell” Information

Thanks to Dindin84 for this:

i got my teen movieline mag today and i screamed and squealed when i saw
brendan on the top right corner of the cover. it really made my day because i
was feeling crappy . . . anyways, the thing on the cover says: Roswell’s
Brendan Fehr on majandra, movies, and metallica.

On page 34, on the ‘spotted’ column, it saysthat majandra was spotted in:
Majandra delfino at starbucks on Larchmont Blvd. in L.A.

p. 39 is a pic of Jason Behr and the line says: Even though there’s been a
good deal of buzz surrounding the script for Posers, a comedy about three
friends who launch a nasty website to help a bookstore from going belly up,
director Penelope Spheeris(wayne’s world) is looking to cast some relatively
fresh faces, like Jason Behr(Roswell) instead of bigger names like Freddie
Prinze Jr.

p 48
Gettin the Boot- there’s a thing about Brendan and Kerr Smith sporting a pair
custom made boots in their upcoming movie Forsaken

p 58
there’s a six page article (w/ pics) of Brendan

on the second to the last page is a small pic of Jason with the caption,
Capricorn of the month: Jason Behr, 12/30