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Jonathan Frakes on Radio in Boston this morning

Thanks to Katie14808 for this :)

I was listening to my favorite radio station this morning, and Johnathan Franks was on. He was on the Matty in the morning show on KISS 108FM(the highest rated morning radio show in Boston) and he said that if the WB doesn’t renew Roswell, their going to UPN! Allot of fans called in as well, but the only aired one person. Just thought I’d let you know!

Thanks to Sue for this :)

I read this on a soap opera message board, since he’s married to Genie
Francis, but they only heard part of the interview and didn’t give any
details about what he said about Roswell, except that there’s 4 more episodes
to air this season. I’m hoping you can find someone who heard the entire
interview and if you can, I’d love to be able to email that person and ask a
few questions that this person didn’t hear.