Read First Hand Account of Roswell Filming

Thanks to Dan for sending me this interesting read and enjoyed it so much that I am posting it on here for everyone else to read themselves:

Over the past year I’ve been working in the Background Acting/Extra industry here in Hollywood and for each job I wrote out a story/journal about my experiences on the set to send to friends. Interest was so high I finally got around to turning it into a website. As you could probably guess I spent a few days on the set of Roswell (I played the TV Cameraman in the episode “Harvest” at the funeral) and I thought you might have some interest on reading a first hand account. That and I …uh..”borrowed” some of your screen captures that were much better than my own.

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09/22/2000 – Roswell – S2E6 – “Harvest”
09/25/2000 – Roswell – S2E6 – “Harvest”