Canberra Times TV: ‘The Guide’-Roswell

Thanks to Amy for this :)

This Review from ‘The Guide’ – The Canberra Times TV magazine: May 28th
2001. It’s interesting because Warden has mingled “The End of the World”
with “Harvest” it would seem and not only that never seen an ‘Roswell’
episode in his life before… He also seems to have missed areas of the plot,
and just what is being found out in the episode…


Roswell, WIN, Wednesday, 10:30pm.

Is Courtney a “cheap, manipulative little tramp” as someone alleges tonight,
or is she, as Mike says, an alien? Is she, it occurred to me, both?

‘Roswell’ is a kind of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in which the kind of tedium induced
by ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is relieved a little by having the dreary neighbourhood
youngsters of ‘Roswell’ mixed up with evil aliens who impart a little extra
interest to their otherwise ordinary lives.

Tonight, propelled by his hormones, Mike discovers that Courtney is an alien
by finding, as he lays his hot post-pubescent hands on her, that bits of her
skin come off in his hands. I would have thought this just meant Mike had
sticky palms, but no, skin-shedding turns out to be a tell-tale sign that
someone is an alien. Remember this when you embrace a stranger.

Courtney seems obsessed with Mike and stalks him and takes secret photos,
but what Mike’s jealous girlfriend imagines if Courtney’s sexual interest in
Mike may only be a ‘political’ interest with Courtney keen to enlist him to
help the aliens take over the planet.

Meanwhile, as Mike searches Courtney’s room for more proof she is an alien,
the other beautiful young people go off to a sinister hick town, even more
awful than Roswell, to investigate the alien factor there.

Our rating: A cheap, manipulative little show.

– Ian Warden