Article About Colin From Suosikka Magazine 5/01

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Article from: Suosikki Magazine 5/01 Text: Marika Saastamoinen Pic: MTV3

Colin Hanks: From The Shadow Of His Father To Star Lights

It is just natural that super succsess Hollywood actors Tom Hanks son is interesting people which follow movies. However Colin Hanks wants to achieve himself that what is achieved for – without help of famous father.
– I thought about change my name first, but then people would ask: why did you change your name? I am not trying to follow my dads footprints or achieve everything he has achieved. Colin has said
That they are relative for each others could not be a secret anymore, because Roswell is always on the topic as Colin who looks like his father too.
With the succsess of the serie has lot of pressure be directed to Colin too: Will the son get along as good as his father? Has young actor got taled or does he only walk along with reputation of his famous father?
– I understand that people compare me with my dad. I still want to show the point that I did look for a role of Alex as the same way like many other young actors. After a thousands of phone calls I did go to elimination and there it started.
Other Roswell casts do not bow for a famous last name of Colin. They just accept Colin by the way he is.
– Colin is a great guy but his father does not have nothing to do wit it. I work with actor Colin Hanks not with the son of Tom Hanks. Has Brendan Fehr said.

Childhood Was Acting

Long way from city of stars. Colin did grow up in peace from flashlights and curious looks. When he did gratuated from school he moved to Los Angeles to study art. In that time he did interest about acting. He did act on many student films and acts.
– I have act since my early ages and someway I have always knew that it is the thing for me. I enjoy acting in different roles. It is fun. It`s like grow up people playing! I do not want to have many jobs. This is creative and artistic. And I do not have to wear a costume. It is the best job in the whole world!

“Crazy Serie”

After many small roles Colin did manage get a part in Roswell. Producer called and welcomed him on scifi serie.
– There was something different and fresh in Colin. That kind of charm witch you do not get by acting front of the mirror. He name could even be Colin Jones. His name did not have any matter tells the producer of the serie afterwards.
Colin did not first know what to think about Roswell:
-When I first heard the idea of Roswell, I could not believe my ears: A secret combines a group of young people, The secret has something to do with aliens which crashed in Roswell 1947! Crazy! Now I answer to all doubters: Watch the serie!
Colin character in Roswell is intelligent, inventive but also sensitive Alex Whitman. He is a long time friend of Liz and Maria. A mortal whos loyalty will put on test many times. Whitout having a clue from the secret Alex helps out his friends throught different problems and jeopardize his own life many times.
– I like my role. Alex is a great friend. He`s best friends are two girls.

HipHopper From His Hearth

Colin seems to be very down-to-earth type of guy who does not let popularity or money turn his head. He does not like to stand on pedestal.
– Visiting clubs or celebs parties is not my thing. I rather stay home. My private life is important to me and I like to keep it for myself.
Music is near of Colin`s hearth. At free time he turns to bass player which plays hiphop in the band called The Underlords.
Colin also likes to visit concerts. When he get to meet his idol Les Claypool (Singer from Primus). Les did say:
– Look is it the son of Forrest Gump!
– Thant`s the only time I have liked that name has Colin laughed afterwards.
People who knows Colin tell that he is a really cool guy.

” I play even a Orc!”

Colin name did come in public when George Lucas did seek actors for new Star Wars movie.
– It does not matter what role do I play. Atleast I would get in to it! I could even play one of empire soldiers or put me up to play a orc in a plastic costume, where people can`t recognize me.
Colin Hanks has informed that he are going to give interviews just about himself. Tom speaks from himself. Colin has invent a metter of his own popularity:
– That day, when dad will not come on to topic in interviews anymore, I know that I have made a breakthrought.