“Roswell” Makes Error in Regard To NMSU

Thanks to daniyeager for this :)

Now, I can ignore a mistake once, but I cannot do it twice. This is the
second time that this show has messed up the name of my school. Yes, I
go to New Mexico State University. Yes, it is in Las Cruces, New Mexico
but no our colors are not yellow and brown (they are crimson and white),
we have no such building as Dona Ana dorms, Dona Ana is a seperate part
of the college and is in fact on the same grounds as New Mexico State
but is a junior college not part of New Mexico state. Oh and by the way
our e-mail adresses don’t have “…” they have, I don’t know what is going on with these people but my god at
least go for authenticity, I mean all this information is available
online at for those who are interested. Sorry for the