Dark Horizons News On Roswell

Thanks to Kirk for this :)

There was a mention of the WB cancellation and possible UPN pick-up (and some
interesting news about Charmed) today at:

The WB Lineup: With “Buffy” set to go, it looks like a lot of shows that helped
launch the fledgling network are going with it according to The Futon Critic.
Shows including “Angel”, “Roswell” and “Popular” are all expected not to be a
part of the Fall lineup when its announced tomorrow. UPN will pick up
the “Buffy” spinoff “Angel”, the other two remain in question despite
unconfirmed rumours the UPN is also interested in picking up “Roswell”. New
episodes of “7th Heaven” & “Popstars” along with a backlog of movies are
expected to fill the void left by these programs leaving. Another interesting
rumour is that Soliel Moon Frye will replace Alyssa Milano on the next series
of “Charmed”. Thanks to ‘TVsHenry’