The Edmonton Journal: Roswell Mention

Thanks to Brett for this. BTW, all the results from the season finale poll is still being tallied and I will post as soon as I finish the Best/Worst Lines the results here on Crashdown.

TV season’s dead and done, but some shows beat reaper
Roswell, Family Guy enjoy resurrection as Van Dyke is axed

Liane Faulder, Journal Television Writer
The Edmonton Journal

In the television world, it was an alien creature, a rare synergy of writing
and acting talent that consistently produced belly-busting giggles. When
NBC’s 3rd Rock From the Sun eclipsed this past week, it felt like laughs
left, too……..

In the good news/bad news category, the perpetually at-risk alien drama
Roswell was finally dropped by WB, then quickly scooped up by UPN. Viewers
will soon be able to catch Roswell paired on Tuesday nights with UPN’s other
coup, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, nicked from WB when that network balked at
paying $2.3 million an episode.
Roswell has been secured for a full 22 shows, giving fans no end of happy
goosebumps. The show’s fanatical Web site suggests Roswell supplicants show
their gratitude to UPN by making a donation to the Children’s Pediatric
Foundation in the U.S.A. in honour of the network.