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BF also “15 Hottest Guys” Teen Celebrity article

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Winter 2001 “Teen Celebrity presents GUYS”

p. 63, “15 of the Hottest Male Celebrities”

Brendan Fehr

Status: Dating fellow “Roswell” co-star Majandra Delfino (Maria).

Why we love him: When “Roswell” watchers first met Michael, Brendan’s character on the show, he was the loner of the group, ready to act on a moment’s notice but unable to communicate his feelings. The power of love allowed Michael to let Maria into his heart and we were able to see Michael shed some tears during the season finale. He’s quick to tell the truth and his penetrating blue eyes {?!} verbalize what he can’t with words. He currently has a movie out called “The Forsaken,” and is now shooting “The Wilderness Station” in Canada.

What does Brendan look for in a girlfriend?: “Obviously, you’ve got to be physically attracted to them. But the best looking girls can turn out to be very ugly if they’ve got a terrible personality. And a lot of the times, someone you didn’t find the most attractive turns out to be very beautiful once you get to know them. So it’s personality, it’s sense of humor; religion and morals are probahbly the most important. The values they hold and upkeep.”