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Brendan Fehr article in September issue of Suosikki

From : Suosikki Magazine 9/01 Text: Club Translation: Christina Sjöström
Pics: MTV3, Alberto Tolot/Corbis Outline/Lehtikuva

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Brendan Fehr : There Is No Spirit Of Rebellion Inside Me

The character of Michael is lightyears away from Brendan Fehr which does not have that spirit of rebellion inside him which his character Michael does in Roswell. Being a unknown celebrity two years ago this young Canadian takes his present fame philosophically and calmly. Life at Hollywood has not turn his head around. Brendan believes more to his skills than his appearance to be successful. We did interview him:

Are you as rebellious in your real life that you are at your role in Roswell ?

– In fact I don`t have any spirit of rebellion inside me. At school I was very social person. I talked with everyone and people did think that I am a sympathetic person. I liked my school and all of my teachers. I still meet all my that time friends. If I could go back in time I would leave everything and life that time again. I have good relationship with my family. My mother has always been dear to me.

Don`t you and Michael have anything in common?

– Like Michael I like to be alone sometimes. If I get bored I just want to meet my friends and family. I say things straight – like Michael – but I am more diplomatic person than he is. I am enjoying being with people myself.

How did you get the role?

– First I have to say one thing. When I did first heard about Roswell, I didn’t want to act in it at all (laugh). Seriously, markets are filled with film and series about young people and most of them are bad. I thought that the producers of Roswell followed the same typical road, Little too supernatural in the soup. I thought that the result would be destructive. When I did read the script I changed my mind. I went to the screen test for the role of Max. Everything went great because a friend of mine, Carly Pope (From Popular Series) who is Canadian like me, did a screen test for a role of Liz. However a couple of days later I realized that the role of Michael interested me more. When the producers called to me I suggest that we do a new screen test for a role of Michael. They did hire me for the job.

You become a celebrity in a very fast time. How does it feel from you?

– Everything happened really fast and I don`t know what I have done to earn it. I am waiting at every moment that everything is going to end soon (laugh). I did not realize how hard it would be to work in the TV series. Now I know that I have really big luck compared with other my aged actors. I hope that I have sufficiently skills to continue in my work. If everything would end tomorrow I would go back to Canada to end my studies.

It seems that the fame has not got in your head.

– I get lot of fan mail. It does cheer me up. If you start to be proud and think that you are someone because of some film its better to go to doctor and examine yourself. Luckily my family, friends and especially Majandra can show me my place if that would happen. But I trust that they don`t going to have to do it.

How do you get along with other cast of the show ?

-I spent a lot of time with Majandra. I have great relationships to Jason and Katie. I do most of my acting with them. I have better relationship to Shiri than last year. When something “bugs” we talk things over and in a ten minutes things are OK again. Sometimes we tease each other like brother and sister but everything is OK.

You are a Canadian but at the moment you live in Los Angeles. What do you think about the life in Hollywood?

-My move to Los Angeles was not easy. You may get a very negative feeling inside of Hollywood. Personally I have never drunk alcohol and I have never tried drugs. I want people talk about me because of my roles not because scandal magazines. I have spent lot to time to get to know normal and sympathetic people. If I had not been an actor, I would not live here. I would move back to Canada. However I have got friends here so everything is OK. Climate is good. We usually go to beach with my friends. There are things that I don`t like but it is excellent to be 23 years old, live alone and act in a TV Series. The thing that I miss the most are my Canadian friends. If they would move to here, I could live in Los Angles without any problems.

You Have also acted at The Forsaken with Kerr Smith. Can you tell something about this movie:

– Vampire has bitten the person I play. He dosen’t want to be a vampire so he looks for the original vampire to kill him. The Forsaken is like a dark action movie. I am very proud of it and I think that I performed really well in it.

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