EW’s Fall Preview Mentions Roswell

I apologize for lack of news being posted this weekend – I was helping my friend from Arizona (who I visited a few weeks ago) pack up her mom’s house for her mom’s move to Arizona to help care for my friend’s soon-to-be born son Connor.

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I have just got by mail September 7th issue of Entertainment Weekly
Magazine. Roswell is mentioned briefly on page 73 of the issue. The
magazine just talks about what will be new on the next season in four
sentences and it includes a small picture of Jason Behr’s face. Jason Behr
looks as handsome as he usually does. Note that the preview of Roswell’s
next season is a little bit spoilerish. If you prefer to be completely
spoiler-free, I suggest that you do not continue reading.

The news include Emilie de Ravin not comming back to play Tess Harding and
the romantic reunion of Max Evans and Liz Parker. Of course, the magazine
does not neglect to mention that Max will have a new problem to solve–Max
will have to find a way to rescue the baby that the conniving Tess is
carrying for him. I don’t think that Max will have a lot of success with
this, but he will find new ways to develop his romantic relationship with

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Sept 7, 2001 Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview Issue (#612/613), page 72


The aliens have landed on UPN with “Buffy,” but they’ve left one of their own behind: Emilie de Ravin’s Tess isn’t coming. Her absence is bittersweet for Max (Jason Behr; pictured), since she was carrying his baby; he’ll spend the season trying to contact the kid. But it opens the door to romance for Max and Liz (Shiri Appleby). Think a “Roswell” that ends well. (Oct. 9)