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The TV Guide editors answered tv related questions and posted their answers in the article “Mega Buzz on Grey’s, Daisies, 24, Housewives & More!”. Read the “To Love and Die” related post here:

USA finally aired To Love and Die, and it was great to see Roswell’s Shiri Appleby back on TV! Will this be another in a long line of excellent USA series (Monk, Psych, Burn Notice) or will it fade into oblivion? — Becca
TIM: Exec producer Lorne Michaels has a blazing track record, the cast, which also includes Tim Matheson and Frances Fisher (Kate Winslet’s Titanic mom) is filled with talent, and goofily titled series have thrived at USA before. (What’s up, Silk Stalkings?) We’ll give it a chance.

On AfterEllen.com a “To Love and Die” question was send in, too. It appears on page 3 of “Ask AfterEllen.com (Jan. 6, 2009)” which is located here:

Q: I was wondering if you had anything about Shiri Appleby’s To Love and Die movie/series. I just saw the pilot/TV movie on USA, but found nothing of substance about it on the web, even on the official website. The movie was entertaining and has potential … It has a character called Eddie, portrayed by Christine Adams as a sort of James Bond’s “Q” with gadgets (I know, stereotypical name and profession, but she is gorgeous and has a killer accent).

— AG, Houston, Texas

A: I DVR’d one of USA’s middle-of-the-night showings of this TV movie/pilot episode after getting your email, and found it — and Christine Adams’s bi character — as enjoyable as you did.

USA Networks announced in 2007 that they had ordered 12 episodes of this series about a woman (Roswell’s Shiri Appleby) who discovers the father she never knew is an assassin, and decides to join the family trade. Shortly after the episodes began filming, the writer’s strike happened and production was halted.

USA subsequently turned the pilot for To Love and Die into a TV movie, and aired it on Dec. 30 with almost no advance promotion. That doesn’t bode well, and neither does the fact that the show’s official page is listed in the “movies” section on USA’s site, and doesn’t mention anything about subsequent episodes. Requests to USA Network’s PR department by various press outlets (including this one) have gone unanswered.

So unfortunately, it seems unlikely we’ll see the rest of the episodes anytime soon, but I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if anything changes. (If any readers know more about the show’s fate, let us know via email or in the comments!)