E! Online: Smallville vs. Roswell

Thanks to Stargaser for this and anyone else who may have sent this in (as you can tell, I am trying to play catch-up to the 200 + e-mails in my mailbox right now)

I don’t know if you posted this already, but I found this on E! gossip with Wanda. The article was written on October 19th, 2001.

Smallville vs. Roswell
Tuesdays, 9 p.m.

Who’s Winning: Smallville. The teen wonder clobbered
the Tabasco chuggers this week, pulling in roughly
four times as many viewers. A total of 8.4 million
viewers tuned in for Smallville’s season premiere,
making it the most watched premiere of any show in the
history of the WB.

Still, it’s much too soon to predict a season-long
champ. The WB’s Teen of Steel is only just flying out
of the gate in the wake of a massive, nationwide
promotional campaign, including gigantic billboards of
Tom Welling’s rippling chest (not that I’m

So, don’t give up on the angst-ridden aliens just yet.
I’m expecting Roswell to make a full recovery after
Smallville’s hype begins to dim. After all, we’ve seen
from the show-saving Tabasco campaigns that those
die-hard Liz and Max lovers aren’t going anywhere. At
least, not without a fight.

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