Baron And Toluca

BandTastic Merchandise!

Which show has merch before there’s a show? Original Roswell’s Spiritual Successor and all around fan-favorite “Baron and Toluca,” that’s who! Yes, that’s right! This is not a drill! There’s B+T merchandise!

So, you got the Merch? BandTastic! Tell your friends, spread to the world. It’s time for B+T getting made!

  • Film the unpacking process and share it on social media (paste over your address first!).
  • Get dressed with your brand new merch and share photos, clips, boomerangs and don’t forget to promote the INDIEGOGO Campaign for B+T! (Add the link to your bio!)
  • Use a hashtag for all the tweets/posts about the B+T Merch: #WearandShare and guide your followers to the INDIEGOGO campaign page.
  • Wear your new gear everywhere (especially to Conventions when it’s safe again).
  • Dress up with your new B+T Merch for virtual conventions, Zoom meetings, wear it to the grocery store, during Roswell Rewatch marathons, etc.

Tweet or post on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, TikTok or use your favorite platform. Brendan and Majandra are asking fans to send your B+T merch photos their way. Send your photos to and please DM us, if you want us to add your photos modeling this BandTastic merchandise on this page.

Edits and additions by Tina, Roswell Back, Sarah and Lena

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