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B+T Merch Update – Part 2

Edited by Tina

In a new post on Instagram, Brendan Fehr is rocking to some Metallica tunes in his van.  He wears a grey B+T hoodie and gives a glimpse of the cargo he is carrying:  It’s B+T Merch! “It’s aliiiiiivvvvvvvveeee… I mean, arrived!” he captioned on Instagram. (See an extended version of this clip in his Instagram Story!)

Fans were able to pre-order B+T merchandise such as a hoodies, shirts and tank tops in order to support the project back in July.  All proceeds go directly to the coffers of getting Baron And Toluca made.

In case you missed it:

Majandra and Brendan pre-launched their INDIEGOGO page on September 12th.  The crowd funding campaign is scheduled to go live next month.  Sign up for news and updates early in order to unlock secret perks before the official launch.

Remember:  Sharing is Caring! It’s happening… but only with our help.

If you weren’t able to get your hands on the rockin’ B+T shirts, you might get another chance when the campaign is online.

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It’s aliiiiiivvvvvvvveeee… I mean, arrived!

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