Making It Up As I Go – Episode Two

Emilie de Ravin and her family are making a show of their road-trip. The second episode of “Making It Up As I Go” is available on Emilie’s IGTV: MAKING IT UP AS I GO episode TWO


Hi friends! Making It Up As I Go episode 2 NOW on my IGTV! Hope y’all enjoy this one- the first week on the road! And oh did we go to some gorgeous places & do some super cool stuff! WooHoo! I wanna hear from you guys too!- Have you been to any of the places we visited?! What did you do there?!
P.S. I initially said we’re gonna release a new episode every Tuesday, but as we have now found, that isn’t always gonna be possible due to spotty WiFi. So- we’ll try for Tuesday’s but it will be every week for sure now! YAY! 🤗
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“Making It Up As I Go” directed, shot and edited by @eb.photogeography @ericbilitch Give him a follow (or 2 ;))

Featuring the song “Making It Up As I Go” by the lovely and talented Nashville singer-songwriter @chelsey_satterlee. Give her some love!