Baron And Toluca

B+T Peek Behind the Scenes

Edited by Tina

The groundwork for the eagerly anticipated B+T INDIEGOGO Campaign is in full swing. Director Jordee Arvin shared a peek behind the scenes of the recordings for the campaign video in his Instagram stories yesterday.

We see Brendan talking about the passion of the fans that never died and we can also hear ”Roswell’s spiritual successor” – so no wonder he must be talking about “Baron And Toluca”.

Watch the “Sneak Peek behind the scenes of the INDIEGOGO campaign” here:

In case you missed it: Jordee Arvin directed the short “The Crimson Line” which stars Brendan Fehr and Rachel De La Torre. You can watch part 1 and 2 on YouTube. Some behind the scenes photos and clips are available in a highlight of Jordee Arvin’s Instagram. After signing up for B+T’s INDIEGOGO campaign you should check it out!