Baron And Toluca

B+T Crowd-Funding Will Go Live in October

Edited by Tina

As previously reported, Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr pre-launched a “Baron And Toluca” crowd-funding page on INDIEGOGO.  By signing up on that page, you can receive the latest updates and news from the campaign.

In an Instagram live on September 19th, Brendan gave some more information.  While he is talking about other things as well, we combined all the B+T talk into one short clip in case you can’t watch the whole thing right now.

  • Sign up on the pre-launch page:
  • Supporters of the INDIEGOGO will get some awesome and cool stuff like T-Shirts from the show [Roswell], some wrap gifts, as well as great perks. [Who wouldn’t want a sweet Roswell jacket?]
  • They might do a YouTube Live soon.
  • Fans who sign up for the INDIEGOGO might be offered a special link to the trailer before anyone else sees it.
  • Brendan is asked about a B+T theme song and he clearly hasn’t thought about it yet. Maybe Dido?
  • They’ve been talking to Nick Wechsler and Jason Behr (and others) to appear on B+T.
  • The campaign on the INDIEGOGO platform will go live in early October.  A launch in the first week of October is likely.
  • Majandra is doing some writing for B+T and Brendan is working on the merch and other things right now.

Brendan is also asked about his favorite memory with Majandra and he reveals that she threw him the best Halloween themed Birthday parties.  In the long version, which is available on Brendan’s IGTV, you can listen to a childhood memory story about the incredible Hulk, as well.

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