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B+T Would Be Badass To See

“I’d like to see more women in film & writing-”, wrote Nomi from @RoswellBack to the SYFY channel in a tweet. She continued ”@MajandraD wrote the script for That would be badass to see!”

For B+T The Show, Majandra not just wrote the script for the pilot, she also wrote a comprehensive guide which might include characterization of the main characters or even facts about the television show “Alien Advocates” Toluca Mendez and Jake Baron starred in. Brendan quoted the post and he praised his former co-star’s work, as well.

Brendan said “She wrote the pilot AND a 100 page ‘bible’. It’s incredible & so is she.” With Baron and Toluca still looking for a home, but The CW’s ordered pilot for a Roswell re-imagining he made clear that there is room for both. Brendan conveniently added “@SYFY could consider as ‘counter programming’ to a certain reboot that’s set to arrive. Just putting it out there.”

We’d definitely tune in. He ended his post with the hashtag #ILikeAChallenge. You want Sci-Fi? Tell SYFY! (Video: Tell SYFY via social Media | feedback form)