Publicity Ideas to Gear Up for S3 Premiere!

Hey everybody!

The season premiere of Roswell is right around the corner! Is everyone ready?

The Campaign Crew is really excited about the third season, and we’d like you to join us and the rest of the Crashdown Team in finding some new people to enjoy the show with us. Let’s make UPN proud to have such a great sci-fi drama on their line-up!

Here are some ideas of what everyone can be doing in every city and town:

Show a few episodes from the previous seasons to some new people. The Pilot is always great to get people hooked.

Advertise the October 9th Premiere on bulletin boards at school, around the office, at the mall, or wherever you think many potential Roswell fans may see it.

Tell your friends and family that have been deprived of the show to watch. Tell them all about it!!

Send an e-mail reminder to everyone. We don’t want anyone to forget about Roswell’s return. We can’t let fans of the past go astray.

Let’s not forget about all the chat rooms and message boards out there where we can discuss the show. Don’t make it obvious. Be subtle and casual. Let’s not scare anyone away.

Don’t forget to visit troutnmom’s publicity thread on Roswell 2 and post your comments and ideas:

Thanks for doing your part! :)

~The Campaign Crew