Roswell Obsessed with “The Best Stuff On Earth”

Thanks to Gloria for sending this in!

Roswell Obsessed with “The Best Stuff on Earth”
Thu, Oct 25, 2001 01:09 PM PDT
LOS ANGELES ( – A certain bottled ice tea drink has been repeatedly cropping up on UPN’s Roswell.

The drink maker Snapple was prominently featured in the last two episodes of the teen sci-fi drama starting with the Oct. 16 episode, in which Michael (Brendan Fehr) was fired from his graveyard-shift security job when he stole a case of popular ice tea drink. Oct. 23’s episode also had Michael’s on-again-off-again girlfriend Maria (Majandra Delfino) asking for a Peach Fuzz Snapple by name.

Asked whether the brand name appearing on the show was due to a product placement deal, a UPN spokeswoman explained that no, the show isn’t getting money from Snapple — it just really is “The Best Stuff on Earth,” as its logo says.

“Ronald D. Moore, the co-executive producer of Roswell, is a major, world-class Peach Snapple fan,” the spokesman told the New York Post. “And that’s how it gets into the show. There is no promotional exchange or anything like that.”