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Want to know more about Ron Moore? Read this!

As a long-time Trek fan, hearing that Ron Moore would be joining Roswell for Season 2 was some of the best news I’ve heard. Ron worked on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and co-wrote the motion picture “Star Trek: First Contact” with Brannon Braga. When TNG ended, Ron joined “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, eventually becoming co-exective producer. When DS9 ended, Ron briefly joined “Star Trek: Voyager”, but left shortly thereafter. There was a lot of controversy surrounding his exit, and a few months later Ron spoke out in an in-depth article that was published at He spoke about what he felt was wrong with Voayger, why he left, and what he thought could be done at this point to save the show and the Trek franchise.

If you don’t know anything about Star Trek you may find this article kind of boring, but it isn’t just about Star Trek. It’s about Ron Moore, and about the work ethic he brings all of his projects. It’s about his feelings about how continuity is central to the integrity of show, and how character development isn’t just a result of a plot twist, it should be the driving force behind storylines.

I think that anyone who reads this article will have a better insight on one of the people who will be helping to create Roswell next year.