Crashdown Wants You! UPDATE

From the Campaign Crew:

Hey Roswell fans!

The teams for the new Roswell campaign are under way!

Your team leaders are as follows:

Affiliate Advocates

This team is compiling affiliate contact info and making sure that fans everywhere are writing to UPN affiliates across the country to keep them aware of Roswell’s passionate and loyal fanbase.

Grassroots Team
crazybeth, *dreamwalker*, SweetJo

This team is actively recruiting new viewers via flyers, word of mouth, email reminders, online recruiting, and other creative means; as well as motivating Roswell fans everywhere to do the same.

Media Club

This team is actively working to increase Roswell awareness in the media and generate publicity for the show, as well as motivating all Roswell fans to do the same.

Sponsor Support Group

This team is compiling sponsor contact info and making sure that all fans are writing to the sponsors.

UPN Appreciation Committee
lacy, parker22

This team is making sure fans everywhere are keeping in constant contact with UPN – whether through email, postcards or any other creative endeavors – so that they know Roswell fans are here and in full force.

Below are links to three of the teams’ threads at Crashdown’s Roswell 2 board. The Media and Affiliates threads will be started soon. Please support this campaign by posting on these threads – and these threads only please – and participating in the activities described in each. We really need every Roswell fan to help. Also, feel free to post links to these threads on other Roswell sites/boards/clubs/groups and to pass this newsletter along as well.

Sponsor Support Group:

Grassroots Team:

UPN Appreciation Committee:

Also, it’s not too late to sign up for a team. If you are interested please send an email to .

Updates on the activities of the teams will continue to be shared through the Crashdown Newsletter. Tell all your friends to sign up by entering their e-mail addresses on the bottom of the screen at .

Thanks, Roswellians, for doing your part!