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Katherine’s Movie Shelved Indefinitely

Thanks to Miss Kitty for this :)

The following item appeared on Friday, November 30th in the syndicated gossip column written by Marilyn Beck and Stacey Jenel Smith that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The NBC film “Ground Zero” has been shelved indefinitely as a result of America’s Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

Katherine Heigl, who stars in the made-for-TV movie, says “I’m disappointed. You don’t want to be insensitive to what went on. But I’m not sure I feel that the movie is insensitive.”

In addition to having the unfortunate title that’s been bestowed on the site of the Twin Towers attack, “Ground Zero” “deals with terrorism and nuclear weapons,” explains the “Roswell” regular. “But it’s a different story because the terrorists are Americans who are part of the KKK or militia…..I play a nuclear physicist, and three college guys lure me into helping them build a nuclear bomb to show that if we can do it there need to be stricter laws. Things get out of hand, and the weapon gets stolen by terrorists.”

Heigl is hopeful “Ground Zero” will eventually see the light of day. Her research for the part included “reading books like ‘The Tao of Physics.’ We also had a physicist on set who would talk us through the process while we were building the bomb…But the story didn’t get so detailed that everybody can just go into their garage and build a bomb.”