Roswell – February magazine sightings

Thanks to phyllis for sharing this

There’s a nice number of roswell sightings in the February issues of seventeen, YM, and Teen People, so i thought i’d send them in:

Teen People
Star Tracks – Met on the Set (p. 36)

*picture of Katherine and Jason, one of the ones of her in the white outfit and Jason in the suit :)*

4. Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr, who play alien siblings on Roswell, make an out-of-this world copule– so why keep it a secret?

Beauty- Star Watch (p. 46)

*Picture of Emilie de Ravin*
BLUSHING BEAUTIES: (clockwise of top left) Emilie de Ravin; India Arie; and Marila Sokoloff.

Now! Picks (p. 54)

Orange County – Colin Hanks (formerly seen on Roswell) plays a hgih school overachiever whose sterling academic records get mixed up with those of a loser. He sinks to hilarious levels of deceit to get into Stanford. (January 18)


ym fame game (p. 76)

top 10 list features colin hank’s “orange county” as number three:

Orange County- Colin Hnaks is an “A” student who dreams of going to Stanford. Only problem: His counselor sends them a loser kid’s transcript instead of his.

(p. 77)

feburary sweeps secrets

(a picture of max and liz from busted)

ROSWELL (Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on UPN)
WHAT TO EXPECT: Liz (Shiri Appleby) is sent away to boarding school in Vermont. Maria (Majandra Delfino) heads to New York to pursue a music career.
COOLEST MOMENT: Liz suddenly acquires powers and starts to believe she’s turning into an alien.
WE RATE IT: **** (four stars)


Optical Illusion

(two side by side pictures of him)

Colin’s quirky personality lets him get away with wearing this stuffy suit and thick-rimmed glasses to the Band of Brothers premeire.


(p. 104)
i know we’ve all seen this, and it’s already been typed out so i decided not to do this one.