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Cult Times – DeLuca of Love

By • Jul 28th, 2002 • Category: Leading, Majandra Delfino

Thanks to Ron for sending this in. From Cult Times: DeLuca of Love Maria DeLuca fell for bad boy alien Michael shortly after her friend Liz fell for his ‘brother’, filling her life with chaos, trauma and a side order of hot, sexy alien lurve. We’re talking Sci-Fi here, speaking specifically of Roswell, so let’s […]

Brendan answers some fan questions

By • Jul 28th, 2002 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

Thanks to Brendan (Spiderman) for posting this Brendan took some time to answer some questions asked on his FanForum message board. You can find them on his official website in the “Fehr’s Asylum” section. This is the area of the website that Brendan updates himself; with essays, personal photos, and some of his recommendations […]

The Fan Forum tee shirt project!

By • Jul 24th, 2002 • Category: Roswell

Thanks to Blackwidow for announcing this on the Roswell boards Want to show your love for Roswell? Want to show your support for FF? Here’s your chance to do both! EDR has found a t-shirt manufacturer that will print t-shirts at the cost of around $10-$15 apiece, and since there are a lot of wonderful […]

Message from Jason Behr

By • Jul 20th, 2002 • Category: Jason Behr, Leading

Thanks to Charles Caroline for sending this in From Jason Behr’s official website… “With all my heart, I thank you. All of you. For all that you have done. For me. For this show Roswell. And for all the lives you touch. J “ – Mention of Movie Petition

By • Jul 19th, 2002 • Category: Roswell

From the News Briefs section of the scifiwire at : More than 10,000 fans for the defunct teen-alien series Roswell have signed an online petition seeking a feature film based on the show.

‘Biker Boyz’ Speeds Over to Dreamworks – Brendan

By • Jul 17th, 2002 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

‘Biker Boyz’ Speeds Over to Dreamworks July 16, 2002 HOLLYWOOD ( – Reggie Rock Bythewood’s troubled “Biker Boyz” has finally found a new home at DreamWorks Pictures after Fox 2000 decided to pass. To star Laurence Fishburne, Orlando Jones and Derek Luke, the film is based on an article of the same name by New […]

Biker Boyz – Brendan’s new film role

By • Jul 16th, 2002 • Category: Brendan Fehr, Leading

From Hollywood Reporter: Idle ‘Biker Boyz’ revving back up at DreamWorks July 16, 2002 LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — After Fox 2000 put it in turnaround, the urban motorcycle project “Biker Boyz” has driven off to DreamWorks Pictures, where it has been given a green light with a fully loaded cast headed by Laurence […]