Roswell Tee-Shirt Design contest entry date extended

We’ve been having a few problems with what is allowed, what is not allowed, so we decided to start a new thread to help everyone get a better understanding. We were going to end the contest August 1st, but we’ve decided to extend it utill August 7th, so we can give people time to fix their entries, and to accept new ones. Then voting will start on August 8th. Please remember when voting, to vote for something that you would order.

Here are your design guidelines:
1. One sided/one location on the shirt
2. The t-shirt itself can be almost any basic color (white, black, etc.)
2. Four colors max = $15 shirt
3. One color = $10 shirt
4. The shirts are screen-printed, so complex designs with photos, etc., are tough to make look good. Simple designs work best!

To better clear that up, this is what is NOT allowed: no silver handprint (other colors should be OK), no alien symbols (that were designed for the show), no photos of the cast, no Roswell font, no more than 4 colors on the design. Fuzzy edges and translucent parts might be difficult to have come out looking right when they are printed. Please save your artwork as a gif image with no more than 4 colors this will give you the best idea of how it will look on a shirt.

Any design that is within these guidelines is encouraged. Feel free to use any of the shipper names that were created and used on our message boards, as well as any of the domain names like or

Please post your submission on the contest thread on the top of the Roswell 1 or 2 boards. If you have an idea that you’d like, but don’t know how to design it, please feel free to contact Raelynn, at the email and she will do all that she can to help you design it. Remember that whoever comes up with the original idea (if/when the idea wins) get the free t-shirt. Anyone who volunteers to help them design it is just that, volunteering.

If you already posted a submission, please re-post it here. If you have a question about whether your entry is acceptable or not, you can post it here, or PM your mod.

Lisa is willing to host images on her webspace and post them here if you don’t have your own host. Email them to her at put tee-shirt design in the subject of the email along with your posting name. If you save the file as your posting name it will be easier to link it back to you for tracking purposes.