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Garrett Lerner’s first John Doe episode airs tonight

Former Roswell writers Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend wrote tonights episode of John Doe. Tv Guide lists it as a pick of the week and has this to say:

You can read the full article at:

John Doe (Dominic Purcell) explores the possibility that he’s a time traveler when he’s accused of a 30-year-old murder in this twist-filled episode.

When skeletal remains are found at a construction site, ownership of the property is traced to a man about whom little is known except that he bought the land in 1960 — and that he happens to be a dead ringer for Doe. More disconcerting is a visit to the murder victim’s widow. She hasn’t spoken in five years, but when she sees Doe she spits out one word: “murderer.”

Shaken, Doe agrees to test a professor’s theory about time travel and submits to an MRI. But in the aftermath of the test, he begins experiencing lapses in time. Vanessa: Anne Betancourt. Agnes: Louise Grant. Leverton: Peter Breck. Dr. Hillman: Christopher Heyerdahl. — Steve Robinson

Also, look for the relaunch and integration into Fan Forum of the John Doe web site, (also known as to happen in the next few days, and to become the premiere fan site on the web.