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Majandra answers fan questions from her message board..

Thanks to Majandra for taking the time to answer more questions from her message board

Silk_54 – I read somewhere that you like to watch six feet under and can you tell me who is you favorite character from that TV series?

I would have to say that my favorite characters are the mother and her daughter Claire. Things about the both of them remind me of myself.

NoirFemme – 1.On your next cd(and when is it coming out by the way) are you going to package it the same way as The Sicks or are you going to package it normally? 2.What’s happening with the Siren remixes? 3.Would you ever package DVD’s of your concerts and sell them? 4. Would you consider sacking acting for about a year and just touring?

As much as I would love to give wonderful displays of my music and performances doing things independently really has its limits. I would love to have toured for a year but I needed to be based in LA so as to not tick anyone off. I moved from Miami to work so it wouldn’t be right to leave just yet. If I had a good tour lined up then definitely that would be a good enough excuse but an independent tour is a little harder to sell.

lftnorml – when did you get your “big break” in the music industry? and what would be your advice to an aspiring singer/songwriter?

I have yet to get my big break. Alot of the stuff I want to do musically suffers because I am not backed up by any label or financier. The only way my music has been heard is by sheer persistence and persuasion. My breaks have happened in acting, my begging is in the music. How could I complain though, it’s pretty damn enjoyable the way things have worked out.

Trying2GetIt – Do you consider actors to be overpaid, over praised and over whiney? Do you think the Acedmy award show things are bull sh-it or do you think the celebrities deserve another grand pat on the back? How did you come to like Brendan off set? I was under the impression that you didn’t like him very much immediatly? How did he change your mind?

I think many actors are overpaid but whose to say. I only get frustrated when I see how crappy musicians are paid in comparison. An actor can live well for the rest of his life doing low key jobs and never being in the limelight. In music you have to be selling millions to get where actors can get by simply doing commercials and independant jobs here and there. This is of course if you handle your money right as most “artist” are unable to do. Brendan was stubborn and from a very small town. This rubbed me the wrong way at first. Later I began to see it as endearing and sweet.

Alice.S – Hi Majandra, I’ve got one question. When your cd first came out, I didn’t have internet(moving house problems ect) I’ve never really been an internet freak anyway and I’m stuck in France where any information comes late and distorted. I ordered your cd on a french magazine. So I didn’t get to order the deluxe edition of your cd and now I feel so awfull because I’d really love to have it and so I was wondering if it was going to be available once more and also if there was going to be a deluxe edition for your second album.

Thanks Majandra, I love your music it really amazing (best I know :-))


Well, I used to work with a team of guys who really helped me out a lot in making things like the CDs as well as the Special Edition CDs. They are having a very good career right now and like all good things they had to focus a little more on themselves. Because of this, now It’s just me behind the curtain trying to do it all at once. This new situation makes things a little more difficult. I believe however that I can pull it off soon enough, so hang in there!

TeflonChica- Are there any movies that you’ve seen by yourself or with friends that have scared you? This could be jumping in some parts of the movie or not being able to sleep scary. If so, can you tell the name of the movie(s). At home, I’m sure that you have to do chores to keep it clean so…. what are some chores that you hate doing and some that you can stand doing?

Me, personally, hate doing the dishes and the laundry. But when I’m in a good mood, I like dusting. Just make everything shiny and have no dust anywhere.

The Ring scared the bejesus out of me. I love that feeling so I saw it 4 times in the theater. As for chores-well just the word makes me annoyed but I would say that I hate cleaning the bathroom and organizing the clothes in the closet. I would have to say that I enjoy tidying up my room and living room.

Olderroswellfan – I read that your favorite Beatle song is “Across the Universe.” Is this true and why? are there any other of their songs which come close to it (in your opinion)?

I also love “For No One”-I mean I love so many of there songs it’s silly to narrow it down to a few, but when forced to I would go with those two.Ah but there’s Here There and Everywhere, and what about I Will….

The Maria – Hey, Majandra. My film analaysis class just got finished watching a Spike Lee flick and it got me wondering what your opinions are on the way the media sterotypically portrays Latin Americans and if you can see any possible truths behind those steroypes and/or are affected by them.


P.S. Be expecting fan mail, i had a drawing for you back in January but due to problems with it, I’ve had to redo it like four times but i will be sending it soon sorry!

Im excited fo the picture you drew. Latin Americans…hmmm. Well yes there are truths to stereotypes all of the time, I just get annoyed when people refuse to hire me to play a Latina because I dont fit in there stereotype.

lftnorml – majandra, i have a random question for ya. is it weird toyou (at all) when you’re performing for a group of people who are singing along to the words that YOU wrote? i would assume it’d be extremely cool (because i’ve experienced something like it with a song that wasn’t my own), but does it get overwhelming sometimes, putting yourself and who YOU are out there?

I like doing that. I like to put myself out there, it’s just fine. When people sing along it’s a thing of beauty-nothing is more complimentary. Nothing.

Alice.S – Majandra: What is it you love about RoBERTs music? I’v heard you say that you thought that one shouldn’t sing a song writen by someone else. RoBERT sings Amelie Nothombs songs. Do you mind?

I am okay with others doing as they please with music. I myself do not like to sing the songs of others as I like to keep it personal. That’s just my own preference but I do not demand that of others. Robert’s music affected me and that in itself was an experience. She has such an old feel to her melodies. I love to be brought back. Very little does that for me.

Funny Little Woman – why did you choose pseudo Nephele Delfino? what do think about shakira and her music? i’d like to know if you’ve the idea to sing in spanish a day

I dont think much of Shakira. I have the utmost respect for someone who crosses over with such success but I cant say I am drawn to her stuff. I would sing a song in Spanish if for some reason I was inspired to express some thought or feeling in the language. You never know.

Luckylena – – Is your homepage majandra.com offline for a redesign? – Do you have a title for your new album? How many songs will be on the album? – How do you discovered the music of the french singer roBERT? Do you know other singers/bands from Europe? How do you like them?

My homepage is offline for redesign. I am so excited to have it back up again and working. This time it will be more straightforward and friendly. RoBERT’s music was given to me by Franck of Arkanium magazine. He is the sweetest most talented guy I know-his artwork makes me eyes tear up sometimes. I cant say enough about him so naturally he likes wonderful music as well. RoBERT was one of his favorites.
I dont know any other European bands personally. Biblically yes, after all Portishead is my number one love. As for an album, well I think Im gonna go for the safe amount of 10 songs. I cant wait to get that out but a finish date is beyond my view right now.

MacFan – I’m fan of Paul McCartney and I know you too are fan of The Beatles and especially of John Lennon, so I wonder if you attended the Paul McCartney US concert tour, ‘Back to the US’? What’s your opinion about Paul singing Beatles songs during his concerts and not only his own songs? Do you think he’s taking advantage of The Beatles’ notoriety for his own profit? We just learnt that your duet with RoBERT is already recorded and that you’re gonna sing in English and… French!!! That’s great news, I can’t wait!

My questions are: if I’m not wrong, according to what I remember from your Paris concert (you asked for a fan to translate and you refused to pronounce the French musicians’ names LOL), you don’t speak French so: – How did you record that song? – Did you decide to learn a little French or did you just try to repeat the sounds you heard? Was it difficult for You? – Do you plan to learn French in the future (I’m sure your French fans would love it! But I do know French is a difficult language though.)? – Do you plan to speak a little French to give your fans a ‘special gift for you next Paris concert (coz, there’ll be another concert, right?)? – And last question: did you have fun recording that single? How was it?

Wow a lot of questions in one! I think since Paul pretty much wrote all the beatles songs along with John he is completely entitled. He pretty much is the Beatles so capitalizing on it isn’t really an issue. He is being the ultimate good sport in giving the audience what they want instead of being too proud to not just focus on his own material.
I was asked to sing in French for the duet. At first I was not so excited because I thought I would make an ass of myself but then I realized that I shouldn’t be a dork about it. RoBERT also sings some stuff in English so we both coached eachother and attempted to kind of mimic one another. It was fun actually. She is so cool and positive-thank the lord cuz anyone else would have laughed in my face. Who knows the stuff I was saying in her language. I would love to bust out in French it is so beautiful and down right sexy
damn it.

TeflonChica – What did you think of Brendan’s haircut when you first saw it?

The buzz-cut one.

I was shocked that he went through with it as his hair was his strength in many peoples eyes. I was convinced it was going to make him act mean to me and militant. I kept reflecting this paranoia on to him until he called me on it and told me to shut up already. I am now a fan of the haircut.