Adam plays the lead in “A Happy Death”

A new project for Adam has been announced. Adam Rodirguez is going to star in the comedy “A Happy Death”. He plays the lead role, a Puerto Rican named Will Roderick.

Will and his white girlfriend Jessica Howe (Cecily Gambrell) are in love and seemingly happy with each other after a little more than a year together but their love is soon tested following the funeral of Will’s Aunt Rosa. His family unknowingly test their relationship during a day of random incidents and truth infested discussions. Their loving commitment is doubly challenged when Jessica’s psychoanalytical, Tao-ist like, father Gary Howe stops in for a surprise visit under the guise of delivering a tardy Easter card, all of which lead to the moment of truth when Jessica and Will must decide whether or not they want to stay together.

Cecily Gambrell, who plays Adams girlfriend wrote the movie script. Visit for more information.