Katherine HeiglLeading

On The Set of Katherine’s new movie “Life As We Know It”

As already reported, Katherine Heigl is currently filming “Life As We Know It” in Atlanta.

Kheigl.com reports:

Katherine In Atlanta

Katherine has been busy filming her new romance “Life As We Know It” in Atlanta for the past two weeks. Despite some minor delays caused by the serious floods that have affected the area recently, the cameras have continued to roll in areas around the city.

Shooting this week has been centered around the Virginia Highlands neighborhood and Highland Avenue areas with both day and night scenes being filmed.

Actor DeRay Davis posted a picture of himself with Katie on his Twitter page and has been commenting about working on the movie. The picture below was accompanied with title, “ON SET! It’s DeRay’s Anatomy… With talented too cool Katherine Heigl”. He also mentioned that “filmin goin well.. Katherine Heigl is really nice & cool 2 work with..we improvin like crazy!!”

Katherine poses with actor DeRay Davis on set of “Life As We Know It”

The actors tweets can be found on www.twitter.com/DeRaydavis.