“Roswell” – 10th Anniversary

It’s unbelievable, but “Roswell” premiered in 1999 on The WB. To be exactly, the pilot aired on October 6, 1999 and we are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our favorite television show.

What is so special about “Roswell”? Why are you still hooked? Please comment (or e-mail) and tell us, why do you still love the show!

Tell us about the first time you watched “Roswell”. Did you watch the show right from the start or did you discover this special series a little later? Maybe you are a new fan, because of the DVD?

Who is your favorite character? Are you a candy, dreamer, stargazer or another shipper?

Which storyline did you enjoy the most?

How do you keep “Roswell” alive? Do you run a fansite, create artwork, write fanfiction, …? Or is the Roswell Media Blvd. Board your browser’s home page?

Please let us know and share your story as part of our “Roswell” – 10th Anniversary Special on!

19 thoughts on ““Roswell” – 10th Anniversary

  • Calvin

    Cant believe it’s been 10yrs already…. guess its means we are getting old. Roswell was a big part of my teenage years and so I guess will always be remembered when thinking about the good old days :)

  • Calvin

    Totally awesome show. … still really miss it.

  • Roswell is and always will be one of the best shows ever! I am from Germany and Roswell aired here only one year later (in 2000). I loved Roswell from the first minute! Great cast, great stories, everything was perfect. I now own a huge collection of Roswell screen-used props and the whole series on DVD (for sure). You can see my collection on my website (should be displayed above). I still can’t live without Roswell… =)

  • Lindsey

    Roswell has been one of my favorite shows from the begining! i remember sitting at my kitchen table carving a pumpkin in preperation for halloween when roswell came on for the first time and was completely hooked on the show.Roswell is one of the only shows that i can still watch over and over and never get tired of….even ten yrs later!! i still have the hope that someday i will find my own max/liz kind of love:) it would be amazing if somehow there could be a season 4 i love Roswell and would be so happy to see my favorite show back on TV!!

  • NormaTheRoswellFan!


  • Majandra Fan!

    I remember waiting to see the withheld Buffy episodes from season four during the summer of 1999 and seeing a trailer for Roswell air. The second I saw it, something inside me *clicked* and I knew I would LOOVE the show. Needless to say, when it finally premiered, I was hooked and even though BtVS is my first (WB) love, Roswell always gives me a funny feeling. Maria was my absolute favorite character, though her back-and-forth with Michael did wear on me a bit! Oddly enough, I also liked Tess–Kyle/Tess of course, not when Tess was pushing at Max or killing Alex–too bad the writers couldn’t have kept Tess like that. My favorite storyline is the one with the Skins! I still bite my nails when Liz and Maria travel to Congresswoman Whitaker’s funeral and all the Skins are there! The fun continues when everyone but Maria disappears–my favorite episode of the entire series. As for how I kept the fandom alive? I used to run a Majandra Delfino website, but real life interfered and the absence of Roswell on a weekly basis sort of lessened my interest in maintaining the site (shame on me!), but I talk up the show to whomever I can, particularly now that twilight is resembles it so.

  • I want to contribute to this celebratory post :)

    I recently bought the dvd set at walmart not too long ago and it is all I’ve been watching lately. So much that I think I’ve slightly messed up my cd-drive haha. But I think it may be worth it. This show brings back a lot of memories. I was 12-13 years old when Roswell came out. I watched it since the beginning and I stuck out until its end on UPN.

    This show was great, and like everyone else has said the characters were great too. The casting was perfect. The storyline was just so good, especially season 1 (even when Tess came along, it made me love the show even more to see if Max and Liz would stick together). Aah, seriously watching it ten years later just gives me this bittersweet, melancholy feeling. I really did love this show but knowing it was ended so soon makes me feel sad to wonder where it would have gone.

    It still lives on though; in these fan websites and the dvd sets.

  • AnneM

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Roswell was first on the air.

    I first caught on to watching Roswell after the first few episodes aired. I was hooked ever since and got hooked even more when it was aired on Sci-Fi channel. I now have the DVDs but miss the original music.

    I too found the Christmas episodes and the New Years/Enigma episodes as my favorites, but overall I loved the first season the best. I loved the story arch of the humans discovering the aliens and how they developed their releationships with each other, and I loved seeing them fighting off the alien hunters in the FBI. The homecoming episode was sad, but good too.

    I wouldn’t really call myself a “shipper” but my favorite characters were Maria/Michael, but I could definently relate to Liz’ feelings, too.

  • Chris

    Strangely, I’d never heard of Roswell when it was on and only stumbled upon it in the last several months – what a pleasant surprise. So far I’ve seen Season 1 and 2 and I’m looking forward to 3. As far as TV goes it really doesn’t get much better. My only regret is not seeing/hearing the episodes with original music.

  • Clara

    I was, and still am, a HUGE fan of Roswell. My husband and I met 9 years ago at a Roswell event in Maryland. We have been married for 8 years now. We had a son four years ago. We named him Maxwell ( Max for short) in honor of our Roswell connection!

    I often wonder what Max, Liz, Isabel, Michael and Maria’s lives would be like had the show continued. I really miss them!

  • Kristine

    Wow its almost a decade…
    The first time i watched this on tv, i was hooked. I remember this i was still in college, and now im already working. Memorable episodes for me include “The Pilot”,”Departure”, “End of the World”, “Panacea”, Ch-Changes”
    Ohhhh how i miss the entire cast…

  • Wow!!! Can it really be 10 years already!!! I fell in love with Roswell on Oct 6, 1999. I never missed an episode. Recentley(about 3 months ago) I introduced my son to Roswell. I have all three of the DVD sets. He fell in love instantly. His mom and me split up earlier in 1999 and she wouldn’t let him watch the show when it was on TV. He is now as big a fan as I am. I am also a big fan of Greys Anatomy. I didn’t watch Greys from the beginning, but as soon as someone told me that Kathrine Heigel was a member of the cast I was hooked. I loved her work in Roswell so much I had to follow her to Grey’s. I am now in the process of trying to collect the books that pick up where season 3 left off. I only wish they could have had at least one more season to finish the show properly. I keep hoping to hear of some form of a reunion show or movie.

  • I was a Roswellian for the entire season 1, then sadly they changed from the WB to a channel we did not get. So I missed season 2 and 3. I was recently watching season 1 again on Hulu and remembered that I didn’t see the rest… so I just made up for that by getting all three seasons just today on DVD!

    Tell me, how do I deal with the pain of no more Roswell? Heroes is a pretty good alternative, but its just not the same ya know!

  • emma.

    Get over it. I was cancelled for a reason. Its been 10 years. Get some therapy and move on.

  • I first watch Roswell October 6, 1999 and sadly missed 3 episodes during the shows 3 seasons it was on. I love the whole series and find it hard to pick just on episode as my favorite. However, I think my favorites are the Christmas episodes. “Samuel Rising” was good and relates to the subject of autism, which is something many people in my life deal with. “A Roswell Christmas Carol” has to be my favorite of the two since Max risk a lot to help not just Sydney, but all those sick children. My favorite couple in the series is and always will be Michael and Maria. They were the first to kiss and though they fought a lot, deep down you knew nobody could break them up. Billy tried, but still Michael and Maria never stopped loving each other.

    I like all the characters in the series. Max and Liz made the show what it was and the others supported them completely and kept it entertaining. However, two characters standout in my mind as crucial members who never got enough credit for their rolls. First is Alex, he was everyone best friend and one of the biggest supports to the pod squad. He was Isabelle’s first love and his death cause one of the biggest shocks in the second season. He didn’t have the biggest roll in the show, but his roll moved the show forward and gave us what we wanted, more Roswell.

    Second is Tess, she is hated by most, but there are two sides to every story. Though Tess’s past contributed to her behavior, she really wasn’t a bad hybrid. Without Tess, Roswell could never move forward from the first season plot. Tess’s arrival shook the whole show’s existence. Max and Liz break up. While, Michael and Isabelle’s true relationship is revealed. In the second season, as Tess and Max got closer, Liz became stronger in her roll. When Tess moves in with the Valenti’s, it changes their lives. Tess gives Jim a reason to be a dad and not just a friend to Kyle. Kyle learns how to be a brother and a friend and not always the guy who gets the girl. In the end, I really liked Tess. She knew what she did was wrong and when the time came, she accepted what she had to do to fix it. She gave her life to save everyone and in that one act, change the show again.

    I miss the show and wish they’d make a movie to close off all loose ends and to give the characters a new beginning without having to be on the run or worry about their enemies, but as the years go by the chances fade. I cried as I watched the show end May 14, 2002.

  • I watched the first episode because of previews shown on the WB, and loved it. I didn’t miss a new episode for each of the three seasons. Leaving Normal was my first favorite episode and from that point I was obsessed. The characters were amazing, Liz and Max are my favorites. I have a room full of aliens and novelties like the ones used on the show. I still watch at least one episode a week. I have a tattoo of the alien swirl and the word Roswell in the Roswell font, plus I have an alien head tattoo that I had done while visiting Roswell! I have posters from each season displayed in my home with no intention of ever taking them down. In ten years, nothing’s changed, my passion for the show and the characters is as intense as it was in the beginning.

    I met Jason Behr in Minneapolis and he was absolutely adorable and sweet! I have several pictures taken with him. His performance in Roswell was brilliant, and I told him he was the most amazing actor I’ve ever seen.

    There was an atmosphere the show created that made you feel like you were in Roswell with them. The theme song, “Here With Me,” will take me back to that feeling when I hear it. It was amazing to go from hating Sheriff Valenti to loving him when he started to protect Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, Kyle and Alex. It was agonizing when Max and Liz parted at the end of Season One, and it was heart wrenching to watch them not be together. And the introduction of Tess was torture.

    Season One will always be my favorite….the story was intense through every episode. The writers were told to take a different direction in Season Two and Three which diluted the perfection they gave us in Season One. But Max and Liz’s story was always there even when the plot went in several different directions. I have never been captivated by a television show until Roswell, and I don’t expect to be again. Roswell is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you Jason Katims and Jason Behr.

  • Latorya

    I remember October 6,1999 so vividly because I was becoming so bored with television…then Roswell aired and I was estatic. From the very beginning I LOVED this show and could not miss it. I taped every episode and rearranged work/school schedules to watch, The only other show I did that for was Beverly Hills,90210 Seasons 1 and 2. I was so heartbroken when it ended and television has never been the same for me.

    My favorite episodes are 285 South, Riverdog,Heatwave, and Viva Las Vegas(that one aired on my birthday). Actually any eposode that featured the group (Max,Liz,Michael,Maria,Alex and Isabel) are my favorites. I still have Roswell marathons sometimes i watch on videotape when i want to hear the original music. I always wished it would be brought back to life. I cannot believe its been ten years. Wow!!

    Roswell was awesome and was gone too soon. I will always be a dreamer and will always love this show!!

  • Alien Sentinel

    I cannot believe it has been ten years since the initial screening of Roswell on TV. The saying tempus fugit, so I think, certainly applies in this instance.

    Roswell takes me back to my teenage and youthful years, forever reminding me of how different I was and still am to the rest of humanity and the impact this has on the personality. The familiar was and continues to be brought to life, as though it were a rerun being played over and over again, through this series of which we fans find such delight. Often, without a word of a lie, I would sit and watch the various episodes and a tear or two would well up in my eyes to be finally released in a trickle down my cheek. So familiar and confronting was the similarity between the Pod Squad’s life experience and mine that I couldn’t but help to feel with them as they experienced the life, the adventures and the vicissitudes of life on the planet Earth and amongst humans. It forces the perceptive to realise that humanity doesn’t by and large like difference, fear the unfamiliar and the unknown, as well as despise that which it doesn’t understand. We find that genus homo, collectively and individually, expect conformity and a dull replication of sameness in conceptual viewpoint.

    Basically, I watched Roswell from the beginning of its screening on Australian television. I was hooked, even though I thought the storyline could be further and more effectively developed while not concentrating as much on the human nonsense of the alien characters with overly displayed human emotions and the like. To me, such detracted from the storyline and was all too familiar in TV programs of the period. Some of these more trivial offerings were at the expense of that of more substance.

    What precipitated my interest in Roswell? Well, not wanting to sound weird or like I have some form of a psychological problem (which I don’t have, I assure you on that point); I am an alien in an altogether too human body and I am totally uncomfortable and out of variance with my predicament. That’s why I have always been interested in such TV series and indeed movies as Roswell, why it has grabbed my attention. I became a fan from the outset. How could it be otherwise?

    The TV series is different in a lot of respects to the Roswell High books by Melinda Metz and I am of the opinion that the TV series, although adapting certain scenes to be different from the books so as to make further appeal to the human psyche, could have been more faithful to the storyline found in the books. I find the storyline in the books far more appealing. This, of course, constitutes personal taste.

    I was thoroughly disappointed when they canned the series. This, though, was to be expected, as the mentality of those who make the decisions is often warped and they cannot see what is before them as possibility unlimited. I, therefore, support the current effort of a movie. I would, however, like to see the series continue, even though we’ve probably got no hope of that, as humans in many respects a requite predictable. They could even go so far as to fill in a lot of the blanks, as it were, thereby developing the storyline more than has been done. However, as oftentimes is the instance, the establishment (in the producer et al) don’t perceive and appreciate a good thing when it is, to proverbially state it, staring them in the face. Networks need to learn to extend themselves beyond the lowest common denominator in appeasing the mass consciousness. More anent this could be said, I assure you, however in this instance brevity is the singularly operative word.

    May, then, Roswell return with all new episodes and do so invigorated with new life and a greater vision than has heretofore been the case.

  • I recently watched the whole series over again. Even in it’s worst episodes, the actors were amazing and the plot grew and didn’t contradict itself. Favorite episodes were “Sexual Healing” and “End of the World.” I also really liked the Dupe episodes and the unfolding mystery of who killed Alex. It showed the strength of Liz’s character at a time when strong females were popular on TV, but none of them were strictly normal – except Liz. Also, the scene when the gang finds out that Alex died was amazing – AMAZING! Hats off to the actors and hopefully they’ll all be back on our TV screens soon.

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