Gone Too Soon: Best Canceled TV Shows of the Decade

The article “Gone Too Soon: Best Canceled TV Shows of the Decade” was published on December 1, 2009 on but I kind of missed it.

The website created a list of the Unlucky Seven, a random list of series airing in the past decade and canceled before their time. The list is in chronogicial order and includes “Freaks and Geeks”, “Firefly”, “Jericho”, “Arrested Development”, “Moonlight”, “The Unit” and “Roswell”.

6. Roswell: Before there was a mortal girl in love with a vampire, there was the touching love story of a New Mexico waitress (Shiri Appleby, who also landed on ER) who falls for an alien (Jason Behr). Of course, his alien pals weren’t happy with this development, especially his sister, the beautiful Isabel, played by Katherine Heigl who now sports the same name on Grey’s Anatomy. Alien bad boy Michael now plays Booth’s troubled brother on Bones. The aliens loved their Tabasco sauce (which has now turned up on Fringe as the condiment of choice for The Watchers), and fans sent a ton to the WB after it was canceled in 2002 in an effort to save their show. Didn’t work. Fringe fans might keep that in mind.

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