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“State of Georgia” – Interviews *Update*

Today, Majandra Delfino’s new show is going to premiere on ABC Family. Raven-Symoné and Majandra did a media tour to promote the comedy in the past week and we tried to collect the interviews…

LATINA spoke with Majandra Delfino about the new comedy, working with Raven, Roswell and being Latina. Raven-Symoné, Majandra and Loretta Devine talked about their new show with the TV Watcher Tower as well.

In addition, Majandra and Raven-Symoné spoke via satellite to different tv stations. According to Majandra’s tweets on Twitter she visited the MTV studios as well, but unfortunately we haven’t found any news on that yet.

In the new comedy series Raven-Symoné stars as Georgia, an aspiring actress with a larger than life personality and her best friend Jo (Majandra Delfino) who try to make headway in New York City. Check out the interviews and videos below and make sure to receive news and updates via Facebook and follow Raven-Symoné and Majandra on Twitter.

The show’s author/creator/executive producer Jennifer Weiner, will be tweeting live during the series premiere of “State of Georgia,” on Wednesday, June 29 from 8:30-9:00PM ET (5:30-6:00PM PT) and Raven and Majandra will join her. According to ABC Family, viewers can join the conversation by tweeting questions to #GeorgiaChat. Don’t miss!

Feel free to add videos and interviews. Please let us know via Twitter @crashdowncom, Facebook, comment to this post or send us an e-mail. Of course you’ll receive full credit.


Interview: Raven-Symone and Majandra Delfino Talk About STATE OF GEORGIA, daemonstv.com, June 29, 2011
Raven-Symone, Majandra Delfino Laugh It Up Within The “State of Georgia”, EntertainHeartbeat, June 29, 2011
Introducing ‘State of Georgia’ Star, Majandra Delfino, LATINA, June 27, 2011
Raven-Symoné talks to 7online about ‘State of Georgia’, 7online (WABC-TV New York), NY – June 28, 2011
Raven Symone, Majandra Delfino and Loretta Devine Talk About Their New Comedy Series STATE OF GEORGIA, the TV Watchtower, June 27, 2011


mytakeontv.com, June 29, 2011
My Take on TV’s Amrie: “Check out my quick chat with the ladies as they discuss why they got involved, their love for each other, and why this should be your Wednesday at 8:30 destination!”

EntertainHeartbeat, June 29, 2011
[…] The actresses learned quickly how much they all had in common with each other — and with their fellow cast mate Loretta Devine. After all…they are all musical. [….]

Delfino and Symone are eager to show off their performance talents and are hoping the channel allows them the chance to belt out a tune or two with Loretta Devine — who made a name for herself before becoming a big star in the original stage production of “DreamGirls.”

7online (WABC-TV New York, NY) – June 27, 2011:
Raven-Symoné and Majandra Delfino talk to 7online about their new ABC Family show “State of Georgia” premiering Wednesday!

13WHAM – June 28, 2011:
Norma Holland talks to the former “Cosby Show” star and “Roswell”‘s Majandra Delfino about the new show “State of Georgia”.

Thanks @JustinMR25 for your help!

am northwest – Jun 27, 2011:
We spoke live-via-satellite with Raven-Symone and Majandra Delfino about their starring roles in the new ABC Family comedy, “State of Georgia.” Raven-Symone plays aspiring-actress Georgia and Majandra plays her science-geek-best-friend Jo. They just made a move to New York City with a plan to make their dreams come true.

“State of Georgia” premieres Wednesday (June 29th) at 8:30pm on ABC Family.

You’ll find more informatoin about the show on this website.

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