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LOAT – On Set Goodies

As already reported, Emilie de Ravin is currently working on a new project in Finland. The production of the almost romantic comedy “Love and Other Troubles” started on July 19 in Turku.

The movie is about the former child star Ville and his eccentric father who both fall in love with the same woman.

Ilta Sanomat already released an on set picture last week. Please check out the official Bronson Club Facebook page for another photo of Emilie de Ravin with the director Samuli Valkama.

In addition, another new photo was uploaded. It shows the water bottles for the cast with their “code” names.

Emilie’s bottle of water has a label with the name “Nancy Callahan” on it. Nancy Callahan is a fictional character from the graphic novel series “Sin City”, created by Frank Miller. In the movie adaption from 2005 Jessica Alba starred as the exotic dancer Nancy. In “Love and Other Troubles”, Emilie de Ravin plays a funny and quirky American student who teaches country line-dancing at the local activity center. Make sure to follow the production company on Facebook and don’t miss further on set goodies.

Besides Turku they will film in the Finnish town Salo. In addition, Ilta Sanomat reports that filming will take place in the United States as well.

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