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“What will he do next?” – Breakout Kings

In the season opener of “Breakout Kings” Jason Behr guest starred as Damien Fontleroy. As already reported this is a potential recurring role and a rep for the A&E drama now confirmed this to TV Line saying “We do see Damien again, though it may not be as soon as the team would like!”.

In addition, TV Line spoke with Serinda Swan who plays Erica Reed on the show:

Breakout Kings | Some advice for Damien Fontleroy (played by Jason Behr): Keep looking over your shoulder, especially expecting to find Erica Reed gunnin’ for you! As Serinda Swan notes, seeing team leader Charlie gunned down by the escaped serial killer “was really rough for Erica, because that’s another person she really cared about.” But as the saying goes, payback is – and can be exacted by – a bitch. “Erica’s not the most understanding or forgiving person,” Swan says with a laugh, “so you’ll see a lot of torment for her — and you’ll see [the Kings] fight to avenge and honor that death.” When might the gang next cross paths with said prey? “We do see Damien again,” a rep for the A&E drama confirms, “though it may not be as soon as the team would like!”

In “An Unjust Death” Damien could escape and “What will he do next?”. Actress KaDee Strickland recently tweeted a picture of Damien Jason Behr on her Twitter page. Make sure to check it out!

If you want to know what will happen in the second episode of the new season check out the official synopis here and watch a sneak peek on YouTube. The episode “Round Two” airs today, March 11th at 10/9C on A&E. Make sure to follow “Breakout Kings” on the A&E Twitter feed @AETV #BreakoutKings and receive news and updates via www.facebook.com/BreakoutKings.

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