Join The Fun! #alienblast

The “11-day-Roswell-Celebration” was just the beginning of a bunch of upcoming great “Roswell” online fun events.

Friendships were made because of this unique series and I’m thrilled to announce that my friend Sarah joined the Roswell-Event-Campaign-Planning-Craziness. The “3rd Roswell Twitter Challenge” is on the way, a “Roswell Re-Watch”, and we are thinking about some great campaigns in order to draw attention to the show and gain new fans.

Of course the topic “Roswell Movie” is always on our mind, as well.


Please join us! Do you have some great ideas, as well? Please use the form below in order to give us a short abstract of your suggestion. Let’s team up and unite for our best chance at being noticed and succeeding as opposed to many smaller groups. Together, we can show everyone, and especially FOX, that fans are craving for more and thanks to Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas and the awesome “Veronica Mars” fans … studios know now what fan-power can accomplish these days.

In addition, the more Roswell related posts and articles appear on the merrier. If you released an article on your blog, we’d be more than happy to tell our visitors about it. You are also welcome to submit an article as guest author. Full credit is always given.

Did you write a review for an episode or maybe you’d like to share your Roswell memories with us? Did you attend the Bowl-A-Thon or did you have the pleasure to meet one of the actors on set of “Roswell” or another project? Or did you visit Covina and you’d like to share your photos with us? Perfect! Please write us!

You can use the form as well or just write an e-mail. In addition, please don’t stop tweeting about the show and make sure to use the fabulous hashtag #alienblast by Sarah.

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