“Star-Crossed” Marathon & #RememberROSWELL

“I love how in the 2nd episode of #starcrossed they did a tribute to Roswell with hand prints! #RememberRoswell” Roswell 10/2/00 wrote after watching the second episode of The CW’s new alien drama “Star-Crossed”. In “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends”, the Atrian Seven are invited to the school carnival. It’s a tradition, that every year the new students put their handprint on a rock… so Emery and Roman leave their silver handprints, too.

“Cool #handprints” Zendaya tweeted about this scene. “love the way #StarCrossed makes me #RememberRoswell and at the same time it’s completely different.” she added.

On Monday March 24th, the cast and crew will re-watch all five episodes of the show. An all new episode will air at 8 PM EST.

Join the live tweet and enjoy a fun tweeting session with our “Star-Crossed friends.

Please spread the word and continue to tweet about Roswell too, ensuring that you include #StarCrossedMarathon as well as #RememberROSWELL in your tweets. Let’s continue to pay tribute to Roswell and hopefully get more people into the show and to remember the show that premiered almost 15 years ago (October 6th).


Watch and tweet with the stars of Star-Crossed Monday, March 24 from 12-6PM PST / 3-9PM EST!
Join the cast and crew as they watch all five episodes here on or on The CW App.


Be sure to check our social accounts throughout the marathon for exciting opportunities to interact with the cast!

Cast phone chats (Direct Message us your phone # and the cast might give you a call!)
Live Tweeting, Facebook page takeovers, Google+ Hangouts, and Instagram Pictionary
Fan art and trivia contests, signed giveaways, and a SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE!


12:00-1:00PM PST:
Episode 1: “Pilot”
Video Link URL:
1:00-2:00PM PST:
Episode 2: “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends”
Video Link URL:
2:00-3:00PM PST:
Episode 3: “Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend”
Video Link URL:
3:00-4:00PM PST:
Episode 4: “And Left No Friendly Drop”
Video Link URL:
4:00-5:00PM PST:
Episode 5: “Dreamers Often Lie”
Video Link URL:

The LIVE TWEET with the cast and crew continues during the East Coast broadcast of the ALL NEW episode at 8PM EST!

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