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“Once Upon a Time” – Advanced Screening

Once Upon a Time’s new season premieres on ABC next week. This Sunday, the cast is attending an advanced screening of the very first episode, which introduces the “Frozen” univers to the viewers. Adam Horowitz, the co-creator, writer, and executive producer of ABC’s magical show tweeted: “Excited for season 4 #OnceUponATime premiere this Sunday at El Capitan theater in Hollywood! Cast coming! Come say hi! Red Carpet at 5pm!”

A new promo for ABC’s Once Upon a Time season four has recently been released. It features a short glimpse of Emilie de Ravin (Belle) and Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin) dancing. Watch it here and make sure to tune into the season four premiere on ABC next Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 8/7c.

If you like to find out more about the upcoming new season, please head on over to The Hollywood Reporter and read an interview with Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Bosses on Season 4: New Rivalries, Rocky Romances and ‘Frozen’ Twist.

[…] How are you ensuring that the non-Frozen characters continue to get screen time while you mine this new world?

Horowitz: What we’re trying to do is not make the show just the Frozen show. We want to tell this Frozen story, but as you’ll see, their story is going to relate to our core characters from Once Upon a Time.

Kitsis: It was very important that it still [feels like it’s] Once Upon a Time. It’s not the Frozen sequel; it is the characters from Frozen coming to Once Upon a Time. So important stories like Rumple and Belle, Hook and Emma, Regina and Robin Hood, Snow White and Charming and their baby — all those stories that we left last season are still very central to the storytelling of season four and will be explored further. Once fans can relax — we have no intentions of sidelining those stories for Frozen. […]