Nick Wechsler’s “Halloween” Spotify Playlist

By • Oct 31st, 2014 • Category: Leading, Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler created an exclusive “Halloween” playlist with dark and moody songs for Spotify. spoke with Nick about the mix and he revealed that “It’s the Darkest Stuff in My Collection.”

[…] What was the toughest part?
The hardest part is that I’m a perfectionist. Basically, I wanted to sequence it in a way that made some kind of sense. It doesn’t necessarily have a great arc, but the songs flowed into each other naturally. And, I wanted them to reflect my taste and have a variety of darkness to them. It really took me a long time. I love the songs so much, it was hard for me to cut anything. You can tell by the length of the playlist. I was asked for 20 songs and I had 60. I eventually pared it down to the nice, round number of 37.

At any point, did you want to look outside your own collection for songs?
I almost thought that looking outside of my own collection would’ve been dishonest or something. I wanted it to be mine. […]

“I wanted them to reflect my taste and have a variety of darkness to them,” the ABC show’s actor told TheWrap. Please read the full article here: ‘Revenge’ Star Nick Wechsler Talks His Spotify Halloween Mix: ‘It’s the Darkest Stuff in My Collection’

Listen to Nick’s playlist below:

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