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Twitter Q&A With Brendan Fehr – August 24th, 2016

Brendan was pretty busy on Wednesday August 24th answering fan questions on Twitter and taking over the Night Shift’s Instagram. Please read a text version below.

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Twitter Q&A

Brendan: It’s time. #NightShift Q&A. #AskBrendanFehr

Erin: how has being a dad to daughters impacted Drew with his current Season 3 storyline? #NightShift #AskBrendanFehr @NBCNightShift
Brendan: The experience being a dad influences everything though I’m careful to play DrewDad and not BrendanDad

Nicole: what’re your hopes for Drew’s family & career in the future?
Brendan: As an actor you always want a dramatic, tragedy filled one only if to overcome in the end so…?

Larissa: any news on if the #NightShift got picked up for season 4? Please give me some great news! I love @NBCNightShift
Brendan: None yet. 😞

Herle-Margrethe: Is Rick (Luke Macfarlane) in tonight’s or next week’s episode?
Brendan: He’s in the last one for sure but cause it’s a two parter I kinda forget if he appears in tonight’s.

Jama: What’s your favorite thing about being on #NightShift??
Brendan: .@JillMFlint @eoincmacken @jrlemon2 @IamRobertBailey @Gabestuff #kenlueng @judah_jeff… U get the picture #crew too

Erin J: Any spoiler for Season finale?
Brendan: No one safe. 😧 What #NightShift season 3 storyline did you enjoy the most?
Brendan: I loved the family theme Drew has had all season & the stuff with @kenedy_kyla has been a gift. Credit writers & her

Hania: Ever miss Canada? I know I do…
Brendan: I do but #NewMexico has been a blessing.

Sarah: Has ‘Michael’ ever been an option as a name for your children?
Brendan: With 3 girls, that’d be a no… though I did name one James.

Jessica: if you weren’t an amazing actor on an awesome show; what would your career be and why?
Brendan: High school teacher.

Sandra: Love your character Drew & you’re a fine actor. Would you ever like to direct a scene? All the best!
Brendan: Absolutely. Working on that directing thing as we speak actually.

Tricia: Name one thing you may have learned working with @jenniferbeals (who according to @Gabestuff is ms fancy pants)
Brendan: Not so much learned but just strengthened: #strongwomenareawesome

Nicole: any funny behind the scenes things happen in your scenes with Eoin Or Luke?
Brendan: Always a good time with both but u can be assured I see very little of Luke when he comes over cuz my wife hogs him.

Erin J: Will Drew forgive TC?
Brendan: Hmmm…

Maslow: Your performance has been so touching! How did you get ready for the emotional eps with Brianna? #AskBrendanFehr #NightShift
Brendan: The truth and strength of the writers and story make my job much easier. That @kenedy_kyla don’t hurt either

Maslow: Your performance has been so touching! How did you get ready for the emotional eps with Brianna?
Brendan: Also #DebAquila has forever changed me. Still working. @aquilamorong

Stef: haven’t watched the Night Shift at all: any convincing?!
Brendan: Please?

Tarrell: I’ve been a fan of yours since your days on #Roswell! Do u still keep in touch w/ any of your former co-stars?
Brendan: I do. Ms. @MajandraD & I are hanging a little these days.

Juanita: what show would you like to do a crossover with??!!!
Brendan: Any of the Real Housewives shows where they’re all in a horrific accident and we can’t save any of them.

Deborah: What type of music (or artists) do you listen to?
Brendan: Country and hard rock/heavy metal. #Waylon #Metallica #Cash #EricChurch #BobSeger

Sasha: Is there any aspect of Drew’s character/personality you’d like to explore more?
Brendan: I sure hope so cause I’m hoping for Season 4!

Herle-Margrethe: which subjects?
Brendan: Math

Rock Chick: What do you like most about your character?
Brendan: His integrity and honor.

Agnieszka: I grew up with #Roswell(😍),are you tired by now of people recognizing you mainly thru this show? ❤ from Poland!
Brendan: Nope. #Spaceboy

Be: what do you think about the dynamic between Rick and Drew? I love it, you and Luke are amazing.
Brendan: I love it. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. 😜

Stefanie: What was your most favourite episode of this season to film?
Brendan: It’s been a good season for Drew and me so I’ll let you pick.

Susan: were u nervous at all working with Jennifer Beals?
Brendan: Anxious and excited.

Aminta: me and @miireyaa think about this a lot. Would you consider doing any sort of conventions for fans to meet you?
Brendan: Of course

Brendan: Thanks for tuning in for this, make sure you do the same tonight!!!


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