Roswell, NM – Twitter Q&A

The CW’s Upfronts took place in New York City on May 17th, 2018.  While the first artwork for the re-imagining of “Roswell” was released yesterday, the show won’t premiere until midseason. The CW already did release trailers for their new shows that will start airing this fall, only. This means we probably won’t get a look at the show until early 2019.

Carina Adly MacKenzie, who wrote the pilot of  “Roswell, NM” did a Q&A on Twitter to answer some burning questions about the upcoming show.

She revealed that the next script is already outlined and the writers will start working in June. It’s not known, how many episodes the first season will have. Carina said in a reply to a fan: “Probably 13 the first season. Maybe a handful more.”

Below you can find some questions and answers related to the original show, as well. Find out which original Roswell episode she would love to re-create and which actor of the cult show, she would like to convince to come hang out with them. Carina Adly MacKenzie also got asked, if the aliens still do love Tabasco. As previously reported, the hot sauce won’t be used, but “… they do drink something weird though”.

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Cactus Pop: Can we look forward to some alien-themed food at the Crashdown?
Carina: YUP

Stefanie: Can you tell us what Counting Crows song is in the pilot? I’m dying to know.
Carina: “Mrs. Potter’s Lullabye.” The original Counting Crows version, AND a cover @Houndmouth did just for us!!

Heather: If we’ve never seen the original is it encouraged we watch that first or come into your version with a clean slate? Congrats btw!! #RoswellNM
Carina: Clean slate! It’s a 100% separate story. (The original is a super fun binge watch, though, and it’s on hulu.)

Spin: What inspired U to tackle the Roswell story?
Carina: A friend at The CW called and asked me to. I didn’t really want to reboot something, but they let me take a whole new approach to it.

MiSseries: Oh. Interesting. But had you read the books? Or watched the previous version, before they asked you?
Carina: I hadn’t read the books, no. I had watched the previous version, yes.

Joo: From 0 to 10, how much are we going to see Michael Trevino on screen?
Carina: More than you did on TVD.

Joo: Can you tell us something more about Kyle?
Carina: Ummmm… I’m trying to think of what to say! He’s deeply principled.
Nicole: If you could have a dream team to write and direct an episode who would it be?
Carina: Me & Julie are the dream team, honestly.

elena: What’s it like to work with @Michael_Trevino and Nathan Parsons again in a different type of supernatural manner?? Also, what are the possibilities of making @paulwesley an alien? 😁 Proud of you!!
Carina: Trevino is a dream, he’s so focused and dedicated. Nathan is my favorite actor to work with basically ever because we’re a team; we have each other’s backs no matter what. Paul will never be an alien but we’re hoping he’ll come direct an episode.

MiSseries: Is the season already outlined? How long will it take to have the next script complete? Also, I loved seeing the cast in the upfronts 🙂 @cadlymack #RoswellNM
Carina: Yup, already outlined. We get to work June 4.

Ali: Does this mean you’ll miss ATX fest?
Carina: Nope, I’m coming!

Inez: Will we see Liz and Max meeting for the first time or will they all have already met? Also thank you for taking the time.
Carina: You will see their first meeting in the pilot, when they were 7.

Kayla: What was the writing process like? Just a general question, so whatever info you wanna share 😊
Carina: It was LONG. But obviously very rewarding.

Mariie: How was it to work with @MichaelVlamis michaelvlamis??
Carina: So fun. He keeps us all laughing.

Sophia: What can you tell us about the new crashdown cafe?!
Carina: What do you want to know? It’s my favorite set.
Sophia: Everything Carina! We’re all so excited!!! Hahaha is there a new waitress outfit?!
Carina: Yep!

Lola: Soundtrack is very important (to me), any songs/artists you have in mind for the season?
Carina: We’re leaning into alt-country for the current music… the jukebox in the diner hasn’t been updated since 1999, so there’s only 90s music in the diner. Edwin McCain is in the pilot :)

Jen: Does Liz’s dad still own the Crashdown?
Carina: Technically, it’s in Liz’s name.

Mariangela: are you guys are gonna to film on new mexico or ???
Carina: Yes, in Santa Fe.

Sinead O’B: Oooh, ok, so I would LOVE to know anything more you can tell us about Tyler’s character Alex please :D And also, when you say they don’t release trailers for them, does that mean at all? or does it just mean we have to wait and closer to the time we’ll get one?
Carina: Closer to the time. In high school, Alex was sarcastic and funny — very Seth Cohen. In present day, he’s very guarded. He has a prosthetic leg, he’s gay but closeted, he’s a soldier but doesn’t want to be.

Nayane: I’m looking forward to the show! how was work again with Nathan Parsons?
Carina: Great. He’s literally my favorite actor to work with because we’re super close in real life, so we communicate really well & have a good shorthand. He’s really talented and has no ego when it comes to the work.

Nick: Any of the original Roswell cast making any cameos?
Carina: I hope eventually we can convince Weschler to come hang out with us. I love him. :)

Gabby: is this sticking true to reboot or are y’all taking your own twists to it? #RosewellMN
Carina: Oh it’s totally different from the original

Joo: any previsions about how many episodes will the show have?
Carina: Probably 13 the first season. Maybe a handful more.

Sinead O’B: I’m so excited the wait is going to seem SO LONG. But also so worth it 😁 Oh, I didn’t realise from the bio that he wasn’t a soldier by choice! Is that to do with his dad?From the little info we got I gathered things are complicated! (Unrelated, but are you excited for new 13RW?)
Carina: Yes, gonna watch tonight!

Tierney Bricker: Which relationship (romantic, familial, friend, etc.) were you most excited to set up in the pilot? Also do aliens still love Tabasco or did they switch to siracha?
Carina: Max & Michael! And no tobasco because legally we couldn’t… they do drink something weird though. Good questions Tierney, you should do this shit for a living.

alondra: Is any of the TVD/TO writers on your Roswell team?
Carina: Chris Hollier, who I worked with on The Originals.

MiSseries: Do you have a favorite scene in the pilot that you can mention?
Carina: I can’t mention it!

Amanda: Who are some dream actors/actresses you would like to see make an appearance on the series?
Carina: I have the dream team. :) Actually, you know what? I want Lindsey Morgan. If The 100 ends while Roswell is still on I’ll write a role for her SO FAST.

Nayane: Will we have a lot of romance on the show?
Carina: SO MUCH

Jennifer: Are there any scenes or moments you’re especially looking forward to recreating/referencing/maybe even revamping?
Carina: We’re going in a totally different direction with this one so with the exception of the shooting in the diner, we’re not using anything from the original show. I WOULD love to recreate the heat wave episode, though. I won’t, but I would love to. :)
Jennifer: That’s what I thought (as far as y’all going in a different direction – I do remember reading that, so we can chalk that up to me not having coffee today LOL) – that WOULD be awesome tho! What keeps you inspired and motivated for this new project?
Carina: Coffee? hah

Nayane: I’m following your IG, and every day more eager for the show. What was it like to work again with @Michael_Trevino ?
Carina: The best. I cried when we closed his deal. I love him so much.

Rebecca Serle: Will you be providing ottomans for me to climb on per episode or do I need to make other arrangements?
Carina: Yes I hope you have room for 13 ottomans

Kara: Do you know if the show will be coming to SDCC yet?
Carina: It better be!!

Rebecca Serle: The adaptation is based on books but you still have the presence of the original show- was it fun to get to pay tribute to it? How do you see it fitting into your world going forward?
Carina: I think it’ll mostly live in the music & in little winks and nods. I’m trying reeeally hard to do something different because the original is great and available on hulu so we don’t need a remake. :)
J M: Has the show started filming more episodes or are things just getting started?
Carina: Nah, we’re not filming until August.

Flash West Allen: Has the CW figured out which day #RoswellNM will air?
Carina: Not yet, no. I’m kinda hoping Sundays :)

Mariie: Is it true @Michael_Trevino will ride a donkey ? 😂 it’s what he said in one of his instagram story.
Carina: I mean now I’m definitely going to find a way.

Mariie: How was @tylerjblackburn tyler’s audition and what made you decide he’ll do an amazing Alex? (Yes we know tyler is really talented)
Carina: His audition made me cry. It was so moving. We knew right away that he was our guy.

Britt: I’m in a group on fb of fan girls and I see them sharing the charmed reboot links. So happy for your success girl!
Carina: I’m doing Roswell but thank you! Stoked to watch Charmed.

Michelle: Can you list cast?
Carina: Jeanine Mason, Nathan Parsons, Michael Vlamis, Lily Cowles, Heather Hemmens, Tyler Blackburn, Michael Trevino, Trevor St. John, and Karan Oberoi.