When Will Jason Be On Roswell, NM Next?

We got several questions about Jason Behr on The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” and in which episode he is going to be next. So far he just got credited on IMDb for the two episodes #203 Good Mother and #204 What If God Was One of Us.

“Jason Behr is in at least 4 of our episodes this year. Who knows what else the future holds.”, revealed MacKenzie in a Twitter Q&A back in November 2019.

If we assume that he will be in the flashback scenes along the guest stars Kayla Ewell (Nora Truman), Cassandra Jean Amell (Louise) and Gaius Charles (Bronson) he could be in two the following episodes those actors have listed in their filmography already:

#208 Say It Ain’t So … Louise
#209 The Diner … Nora Truman / Louise / Bronson
#210 American Woman … Nora Truman / Louise
#213 Mr. Jones … Nora Truman

The network doesn’t reveal much about the flashback story arc in the short episode descriptions. Let’s enjoy the surprises. Maybe he will be in four episodes only … or more.