Emilie de Ravin

Making It Up As I Go – Episode Three

The third episode of “Making It Up As I Go” is available. Emilie de Ravin and her family are doing a road trip and they are sharing their adventures with us. Watch it on Emilie’s IGTV: Making It Up As I Go episode THREE


Hey guys! So excited to share with y’all Episode 3 of “Making It Up As I Go” 😍 We’ve been having some very spotty WiFi out here in the wildernesses 🤪 So thanks for your patience! And HUGE thank you for the immense love & support for our road trip adventure so far! I love love love reading all your comments, so pls keep ‘em coming!
If you haven’t had a chance yet, also check out episode 1 & 2 (living on my IGTV series Making It Up As I Go).
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“Making It Up As I Go” directed, shot and edited by @eb.photogeography @ericbilitch Give him a follow (or 2 ;))

Featuring the song “Making It Up As I Go” by the lovely and talented Nashville singer-songwriter @chelsey_satterlee. Give her some love!