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A Candy Throwback

Additions by Nomi
Edited by Tina

Just in time for this week’s “Throwback Thursday”, Brendan shared a never before seen promotional photo on his Instagram page.

The Roswell promo features Michael Guerin and Maria DeLuca. In the photo, the ‘Guerin’ hair is on point and the color edit perfectly reflects the tough as steel exterior they are showing. Maria’s facial expression definitely has got some Teflon Babe vibes too.

Brendan states: “thinking of making these available for autographs during our BARON + TOLUCA #roswell days at the Roswell UFO festival.“

Yes, Majandra and Brendan are attending this year’s UFO Festival in Roswell!

This photo is a never before seen hidden treasure. If you are going to the festival, keep a lookout for these. If you’re not going, fear not, Brendan mentions many times to fans on his post that they will be available to those who can’t go to Roswell. To pre-order and reserve this one-of-a-kind picture, email so that Brendan can set your preferred items aside.

Did you watch Brendan’s Instagram Live from last week? He teased that he will reprint another one for the festival as well.

Our dynamic duo are not only going to MC during the UFO Festival Opening Ceremonies on July 2nd, they will also be present on other days of the festival for various events such as a Q&A session and Brendan attending the Alien Open Golf Tourney. Not to mention, they are participating in those exclusive private events and mini experiences for the “Dans” and “Candy” fans (not officially affiliated with the festival). We are sure to bet that more information about the project will be said too, these two know that their fans are always waiting to hear any updates on the B+T Production front!

Don’t forget to get your tickets.