Baron And Toluca

B+T Casting News

Edited by Tina

Actor Joseph Finfer, from Austin, Texas, is part of the ”Baron And Toluca“ pilot production, which took place in New Mexico in November.

His agency Boysen Talent released congratulation messages on their social media pages. “Another Shout Out! This one is for Joseph Finfer and his booking for the Feature Baron And Toluca! Nice job Joe!,“ they cheered.

Brendan Fehr, who is both acting and directing B+T, replied to the post on Instagram saying, “We loved him!“ and Joe Finfer answered “you all were awesome!“

Joe Finfer shared a picture from the plane on his Instagram on November 16. In the description he explains that he took a trip to New Mexico to shoot a thing. He also says that it is his first time in an airplane in almost two years.

It’s not known what kind of role he is playing.

We can only assume that most casting decisions are going to stay under wraps. After all… there might be one or two easter-egg-ish surprises in the form of familiar faces, as well.

We can literally feel all the Dans pleasant anticipation about more casting and production news about the project.