#212 We Are Family (2) – Primer

Written by Gretchen Berg & Aaron Harberts
Directed by David Grossman

Valenti, Max and Isabel are questioned separately about the incident with Laurie Dupree. When their stories don’t match, Judge Lewis informs Valenti he has to turn in his badge and gun until the town council can have a hearing on the matter. Later, FBI Agent Suzanne Duff shows up at Valenti’s home to tell him the FBI is investigating Laurie Dupree’s interstate kidnapping case. She explains she is heading the investigation and in order to solve it, she needs his help. Meanwhile, Michael and Tess go to the hospital to check on Laurie and discover she’s human. Michael tells Tess he wants to meet Laurie but when they enter her room, they find her missing.

Now that Valenti is on the verge of losing his job as Sheriff, Kyle and he argue over whether to tell everyone the truth about the aliens. Kyle then meets Agent Duff when she enters Valenti’s office to go over the case of the once-again-missing Laurie Dupree. Valenti tells Duff that Laurie had escaped from a mental institution one week before the kidnapping. Michael then pages Valenti to Frazier Woods, where they discover an odd blue crystal-like substance in the ground where Laurie was buried.

Upon his return home, Valenti finds Laurie waiting for him. Laurie tells Valenti it wasn’t a man who took her, but a ‘them.’ Valenti is called away by Duff, so he tells Laurie to stay put and trust whoever he sends to come and be with her. Valenti asks Isabel to come over and watch Laurie.

When Isabel shows up, Laurie tells her that ‘they’ put needles in her. When Isabel is unable to see any needle marks, she wonders about Laurie’s sanity. Michael and Max then show up to help and Laurie freaks out upon seeing Michael, screaming, “You’re dead! You’re dead!” Laurie runs from the house and is eventually found by Agent Duff. Laurie tells Duff that she was staying at Valenti’s and that he told her to trust him. Agent Duff questions Valenti who can’t deny what Laurie is saying. He realizes he’s in bigger trouble than before, now that he withheld information about Laurie’s whereabouts.

Later at the Crashdown, the kids learn the City Council fired Sheriff Valenti. Kyle asks the aliens to please stay away from him and his father, but Max tells him he can’t make that promise. Kyle wordlessly hands Max the blue crystals Max asked him to steal from his father’s office, and walks out. When Max, Michael and Isabel put the substance under a microscope, they discover it is a living organism. Michael and Isabel then break into the Psychiatric Hospital that held Laurie Dupree, and find a photo in Laurie’s personal belongings that looks exactly like Michael and is entitled “Grandpa, 1935.”

Soon after learning Valenti lost his job, Amy DeLuca goes to him insisting they spend the day together. In the end, the two begin a romantic relationship.

Shiri Appleby Commentary

“…she’s not caught up in a world that’s tainted…”

Transcribed by You?